• I will help you lycanthrope hunters out there launch Hircine primal face to a spear by giving you tips and tricks on how to deal with werewolves and werebears

    Tip 1: use ranged and magic to pick them off from a distance, they will be easier to kill far away from you I suggest using endgame shouts and spells if your a mage or daedric arrows with a daedric bow as an archer.

    Tip 2: try killing them before they transform, when they transform their a little tougher to Kill because of their health boost and strong attackā€™s so try killing them when they are human to take them out easily.

    Final tip: bring a follower, if your a little unprepared try bringing a follower to help you, I suggest one with decent health and damage like Serana or that witch girl in the vanilla game.

    I hope you hunters had those tips useful so see ya next time or whatever

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    • They are susceptible to paralysis as well if I'm not mistaken. With enough poisons or the right staff/weapon combo they can be taken out quite handily at any level. I've found that it helps at early levels if you have a follower that you've equipped well, and a conjured helper of sorts, to keep them busy while you snipe.

      Of course at higher skill levels they can be taken out instantly. A good stealthy illusionist for examble, with the 16x backstab perk can sneak/muffle/invisibility/dagger one-hit-kill them no matter which form they're in.

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    • Wrong! the only way to truly defeat lycanthropes is to become one! xD

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