• why do they bosmer not have antlers in ealrier games, but they do in elder scrolls online, why do they have them in the first place, i would have thought that its a kind of camo, trick deer, that kind of thing, 

    and if this is the case, why would they not have i in later games, 

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    • im guessing its just a choice of clothing to represent their hunting spirit

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    • Or, they rather have a stronger connection to nature in ESO ( which takes place the earliest in the Elder Scrolls timeline of the games ), because for some unknown reason. Maybe as it’s says somewhere in their mythology that instead of being half animal half elf creatures ( like the creatures seen in in a Bosmer Wild Hunt ) their mane deity of I happen to have forgotten the name of put in rules for the forest and the weird half creatures became the Bosmer. Maybe they have a stronger connection to the ‘chaos times’ and thus having horns, or maybe as the previous person stated that it could just be a headdress that they were for symbolism, but even with all this, not every Wood Elf has horns, I know it is a option in the creation of your character ( I think ) but I have yet to find any Bosmer NPC’s that have horns.

      Going off what my trail of thought was the present Bosmer today could probably be more civilised, or the chaos times were that long ago they have lost all connection to it and don’t have horns, but I think it’s still interesting that Bethesda put in the possibility for at least the player’s Bosmer to have horns. 

      But it’s just horns, it’s not like they have 6 eyes or anything, in WoW their equivalent for a warden ( a Druid ) their most bad-ass Druid Malfurion has horns and he’s also an elf ( but tall instead of short, and with the addition of some other animal body parts ) but I think they were just going off the same notion of because of their connection to nature they exhibited some crazy nature things.

      But something I don’t agree on personally is that they have a hunting spirit. For what I remember the only reason they hunt is because of The Green Pact, where they’re not allowed to destroy nature ( which is also why the majority of their weapons are made out of bone, and why they have to go out of Valanwood to get wood to use ).

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    • But in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind they had horns... Little horns or at least some bumps

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    • Yes, after doing some research ( I’m the guy from the last post ) I see that they do have horns. But something else that has now got me thinking is that, Morrowind only took place 10 years before Oblivion, and the Bosmer there don’t have any horns. Maybe a population of Bosmer from Valenwood just moved to Morrowind who had horns, and none moved to Cyrodil. Hey they could of been bringing back the idea of Wood Elves having horns and were reminded of their idea when they created the Morrowind expansion of ESO. 

      Maybe it could also be that when the Aldemeri Dominion took over Valenwood, some BOS,er who had horns moved to the Ebonheart Pact, and slowly overtime they lost their connection to Y’ffre and The Greenpact and their horns began to retract. It’s nuts for I’m sure that by matching up the timeline of the two games, a Wood Elf from the time of ESO could live through the time of Morrowind :).

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    • This is a link to a very good discussion of the topic.

      That being said, I came here because I have my own two cents to add, and that topic is dead as a nail.

      Firstly, I think that the reason you see doe antlered wood elves in Vvardenfel but not Cyrodill is simple. The Green Pact mandates that they do not harm any plants in the Valenwood. Once they leave and choose to live Elswyrr (sorry, I couldn't help myself), then their connection to the great dragon Y'ffre begins to dissipate.

      Now for my other cent... and this one is something I haven't heard once on this topic.

      The reason druids in pop culture (and I believe bosmer) often sport antlers, dates back to Germanic folklore. In old Germanic folklore, antlers represented a connection to divine nature. Antlered beasts were sacred, and wearing antlers was considered a priviledge reserved for holy men. In their depictions, as a priest's connection to divinity strengthens, they grow antlers like a great stag.

      I believe Bosmer (and druids for that matter) sport antlers as a representation of their divine reverence for nature, and their animal heritage.

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    • I forget where I read it but some Bosmer choose to grow antlers through the use of magic. They don't have them naturally.

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