• i have gotten to the speak to falion objective where im supposed to meet him to perform the ritual but he isnt there. I have already given him the black soul gem. I am on PC with mods installed.

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    • Possible glitch with him, these are my theories on what is going on:

      1: A mod is interfering with his Data, causing him to not spawn in the Location.

      2: You have a quest active related to him, forcing him to spawn in another location as some sort of Anti-Glitch the develoupers made.

      3: You used a command to accidently delete him, causing the glitch.

      Fixes: If it is a quest then there is no fix i can think of besides spawning him Via console commands, but that is still unlikely to fix it, Or if you are a Vampire feed on people to LVL 1 then go use a Shrine to be rid of all diseases [MAY NOT WORK FOR DAWNGUARD DLC]

      Hope this helps.

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    • May work for Dawnguard, may not work for Dawnguard, i never tested it myself.

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