• I first came to Shearpoint because I heard a Whiterun Guard say something about a Dragon heading there. As I absorbed the Dragon's soul, I noticed Krosis hiding behind a large rock in the corner of my eye. I looted the Dragon and went to kill Krosis. I sliced Krosis with my favorite sword at the time- my Dawnbreaker. Krosis... floated away at suprising speed. I had to sprint to catch up, and kept slashing my sword in attempt to kill Krosis. A few seconds later, I looted the remains, learned the new words, looted the chest next to the wall,¬†and fast-traveled to Breezehome, my house in Whiterun. I¬†observed my new toys, put them on my wall, and asked my wife, Lydia, to cook me food as a reward for once again, saving the day. (Or whatever you want to call it)

    So there you go, the story you didn't ask for about me defeating my first Dragon Priest.

    (I'm playing on the Nintendo Switch)

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