• If you have maxed out enchanting and pick seeker of sorcery can you get your magika reduction above 100%.  If so, what does that do?  Do you gain magika buy using that school of magic?

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    • I don't know if that's possible, to be honest. Most things have a cap. If there is a higher level, then it wouldn't have a special effect; it would simply be the same as 100%.

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    • Ive done it myself.

      All spells from that school of magic will be free to cast. If your magica was full and the bar was invisible before you started casting it won't even cause the bar to appear. You cannot gain magica from these spells so pushing past 100% is not useful (nor is it harmful) AND casting free spells will still halt your magica regen while they are being cast so be aware of that.

      Edit: reducing casting costs also reduces the cost for your enchanted weapons So I would reccomend forifying destruction all the way to 100% for both mages who cast spells themselfs and wariors who will benifit from highly powerful endless weapons.

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