• I want to speculate what exactly is the ranking order in the Legion. Here's what I think so far.

    -Private (self explanatory, regular man-at-arms)

    -Auxiliary (equivalent to a Private First Class)

    -Quaestor (equivalent to Corporal or maybe Sergeant, maybe commands a small cohort of max. 10)

    -Praefect (perhaps Staff Sergeant or Sergeant Major, would be in charge of the soldiers matters in the barracksĀ perhaps)

    -Tribune (Lieutenant, would be in charge of the barracks, both in garrison in the abscence of captain and in the field)

    -Captain (Captain obviously, commands the garrison in a city, probably less time in the field)

    -Legate (Colonel, would command the Legion across a Hold etc.)

    -General (obvious)

    Agree/Disagree? I want to hear your thoughts

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