• Steel plate = 87 (base armor)

    Dwarvern = 104 (base armor)

    I have a full dwarvern armor set (with shield) all on exquisite, armor rating is 299 w/Ancient Knowledge

    and I have a mixed armor set: Steel plate armor (130) and gauntlets (48) (both fine), Steel horned helmet (63) (Superior), orcish boots (48) and an orcish shield (58) w/Ancient Knowledge

    Perks: (Heavy armor) Juggernaut (3/5), well fitted ; (Smithing) Steel smithing, dwarven smithing

    So total armor rating for the full exquisite armor dwarven set is = 299 Armor

    mixed armor is = 345 Armor

    Steel plate armor chestpiece has 130 Armor (fine)

    Dwarven armor chestpiece has 108 Armor (exquisite)

    and I tried putting the orcish boots & shield on and replaced the dwarven boots & shield, but the armor rating is still just 313

    I wasted like 10 hours of crafting, finding materials & stuff for an armor set that has more weight & but has less armor

    so why is the steel plate armor better than the dwarven?

    pls ask if something is unclear

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    • (OP) PS: I've read on a steam discussion that they also think that this is wrong base armor

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    • (OP) EDIT: Im an idiot, I forgot that the steel plate armor has no shield...

      but still: full dwarven exquisite is still that bad compared to that mixed armor? just wow...

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    • Because Steel Plate does not come under Steel. It is higher tier as it is an advanced armor. You need to have smithing 50 to create it, compared to 30 for Dwarven.

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    • There's that. Also, there is the affect of Ancient Knowledge. It says it's supposed to buff Dwarven armor by 25% and speed the learning of Smithing by 15%, but by default it buffs all armors(light and heavy) by 25% except Dwarven and boost tempering by 15%(which can also increase the speed you level Smithing if you use tempering as part of the process). Ancient Knowledge used to affect all armors including Dwarven, but I think they tried to modify it in the last patch for the original version of the game(1.9) and only succeeded in removing Dwarven armor from the affected list.

      Pretty sure that code carried over to the Special Edition and I doubt Bethesda has tried to change it(again). If you have the unofficial patch installed, Ancient Knowledge does what it says on the tin. One of the reasons I don't install the unofficial patch(or any mods). The original version of the quest reward is better(more broadly useful rather than just an early game thing). Dwarven armor is low mid tier and second only to Daedric in weight(tied with Blades armor though, but that can't be improved by default). Sure you can still hit the cap in it and mitigate the weight, but why limit yourself to Dwarven armor when you can hit the cap in anything(thanks in part to Ancient Knowledge. Custom Smithing gear and potions help a lot too, and Seeker of Might from black book Sallow regent. You might need little to no armor perks to hit the cap. Lower level flesh spells can temporarily cap off the crappiest of light armors)?

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