• And I'm pissed. I thought this was put together by people who consider themselves professional. Turns out I was correct. That's all.

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    • Not every article can be written simultaneously. Content is added over time; it's not something that happens in a few seconds. Many of the pages on this wiki and any other are works in progress...not to mention that this is volunteer work; everyone who edits on here has the rest of their life to deal with. There's no reason to be "disappointed" with any wiki, unless people are actively ignoring everything. That isn't the case here. Thank you.

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    • I side with Otto. Things don't happen overnight. His be patient. 


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    • Ottoman has a very fair point.

      We do this in our spare time, Don't get paid for it & we do our best.

      The Wiki itself (The Elder Scrolls in its entirety of every game & aspect this wiki covers) is added to by all of us.

      So instead of acting like a brat (probably are one) how about getting an account and becoming an editor like us and add content as well especially where it's lacking in whatever area you think.

      Basically,  help us help you, not to mention you'll also be helping everyone else on the planet who is also stuck on the same thing or will be stuck in the future to save them the same aggravations.

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    • A FANDOM user
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