• I took my roleplaying to the extreme and wrote a novel about the Origin of my character Jon Dare.

    It is called Dragonborn Saga and I publish it on Webnovel for free.

    It has 500K words so far and it is really long so I am posting the Synopsis and the URL for now.

    Tags: Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance The Dragonborn is a mortal with the blood and soul that of a dragon. The Last Dragonborn appeared on the on the Continent of Tamriel to slay the Harbinger of the End of Time 'Alduin the World Eater' and the dragons that returned to the world following the events of the Civil War in Skyrim. Still, not much is known about the Hero of Skyrim and his origins but as a person, he should at least have family members and friends. And isn't it possible that he is a person from Earth (Egypt to be specific) who got reincarnated into the Elder Scrolls Universe with the power of Mods?

    Hope you read it!

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    • can we make a wiki for it please?

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    • TsukuneXmoka wrote:
      can we make a wiki for it please?

      This is a very good idea

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