• I made Ulfric give up The Rift and Winterhold for just Markarth, but just because I didn't let Elenwen sit at the table everyone acts as though the treaty favoured the Stormcloaks. The internal score should be neutral (-1 for not letting Elenwen sit, -2 for letting Ulfric have Markarth, +2 for giving Tullius the Rift, +1 for giving Tullius Winterhold¬† -¬† negative means favouring Stormcloaks, positive favouring Empire)

    Now Tullius says everyone knows the treaty favours the rebels, Balgruuf talks about the Empire having to regain strength because the treaty severly damaged them, even though the Empire is up a hold. Noice.

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    • idk if I'm right or wrong but i'd assume location has a part with like i'd rather have whiterun than falkreath

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