• A common sentiment among fans is that they want the Dragonborn to ascend to godhood.  However, which god-mantle should the Dragonborn take on?  Should it be totally new, or an existing one?

    My case is that the Last Dragonborn should be worshipped as Ysmir.

    (1) First of all, the Greybeards explicitly grant the Last Dragonborn the title of 'Ysmir'.

    (2) The mantle of Ysmir has been taken on by Dragonborns, and the Last Dragonborn is, well, the last dragonborn.

    (3) Right now, Ysmir is just seen as the "Nordic aspect of Talos" associated with Wulfharth.  Ysmir isn't really a god in its own right, yet.  With the ascension of the Dragonborn, that could change.

    (4) I've seen that plenty of fans consider the Last Dragonborn to be a Shezzarine, and which other character was associated with both Akatosh and Lorkhan?  Talos: the being who was the last Ysmir.

    (5) According to Skyrim's design documents, Ysmir, alongside Alduin, is a "Twilight God" in Nordic belief, and Ysmir's role in the kalpa cycle is to be the "new" and "different" god that Alduin doesn't kill and who makes it into the next kalpa.  I think the Last Dragonborn has the right qualifications.

    (6) The Nordic gods, including the newest addition Ysmir, have been falling out of favor in the 4th Era in Skyrim due to the rising popularity of their imperial counterparts, Talos in Ysmir's case.  Obviously, some like Mara and Dibella exist in both pantheons, but the Nordic versions and myths of other gods are being increasingly ignored.  By taking on the mantle of the one and true Ysmir, the Last Dragonborn can revitalize belief and faith in the Nordic gods, including Kyne, Stuhn, Jhunal, etc., to the benefit of religious diversity and broader cosmological understanding.

    So have I made a persuasive case?

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