• I'm going through this dungeon for the second time, I'm pretty sure, because I have already learned the shout from the word wall.  Solved the puzzle in the Nordic pillars chamber, got all the way to Volskygge Peak, and wanted to go back through in reverse to collect loot from the many draugr and bandits killed on the way in.  I have returned as far as the puzzle chamber, only to find the way I had originally entered blocked by a grate and none of the puzzle handles movable.  The Wiki does not mention this situation, speaking only of the "latter" part of the dungeon being inaccessible a second time (which it wasn't for me; I went from beginning to end.  I'll try some console commands, but if they don't work, I'll need to traipse back to the Peak as my only way out.  Have others had this experience?

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