• So after I talked to Delphine and Esbern in Riverwood I decided to split up and after arriving at that place, they weren't there so I cleared out all the Forsworths (may be spelt incorrectly) and went into the cave where the first puzzel is, neither Delphine or Esbern was there so I rested for 6 hours and finally they showed up. Unfortunately, I have the Miraak Dragonborn Follower modified mod and Hermaeous Mora sent his minion to finish off me and Miraak. After the fight Delphine disappeard but I continued up to the bit where we see the stone tablets about Alduin. I then spawned multiple Delphines accidently and then teleported to the real one... Which was stuck inside of a mountain near the temple.

    Now I can't progress the storyline and my last save was 4 hours ago so I am not just going to quickload, please help

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