• I have just completed the Civil War quest-Battle for Windhelm. The General is supposed to walk outside, give a speech to the soldiers and announce the new jarl and done. However, The General is going to the prison barracks and standing in cell.

    The quest is complete in my journal. Is there any setstage command out there that can force the general outside?

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    • Seeing as how the quest already completed, I'm not sure commands would help in terms of setstage. Try reloading from before killing Ulfric to see if he continues this same behavior. If he does, You could try going outside and then teleporting Tullius to you:
      Prid 000198BA
      and then
      moveto player

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    • Hope it helps even if late, maybe it will be useful to someone else

      Did as Ottoman said but teleporting Rikke too (prid 000198bb), killed all the imperials at the speech, teleported to somewhere using the coc command and then back to Windhelm by fast travel.

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