• Has anyone ever come across this bug? Im at the final stage of Apocrypha, and there is literally no arena. Just a lake as far as the eye can see. Obviously, I'm stuck. Yay.

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    • Sounds like you'll have to reload a save from before getting there because I haven't heard of something like that before.

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    • Ah, I figured out what the problem was. So, after scouring the internet for an hour, I happened on an old reddit post mentioning a similar problem that was a result of using TES5Edit. To put it simply, I used TES5 to clean Dragonborn.esm and somehow in doing so deleted the assets for this location in the game. Weird. To fix it, just swapped out the cleaned dragonborn.esm for the backup and presto! The lake of death is gone.

      Now if I can just get through that pesky door....

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