• The title already explains.

    I will start. My favorite quotes all come from Neloth. They are:

    “By Malacath’s toenails, where did that come from?”, “By Malacath’s hairy knuckles, you’ll pay for that!” “Dagon’s eyeballs, but you’re a ugly one, aren’t you?” “Do you need all your toes? I could really use a fresh toe for...nevermind. You aren't moldy enough.” “Well, my pretties. What shall we do today? Maybe see if you can regenerate your fingers?"

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    • Delvin Mallory. After imitation amnesty. He says that quote about being the best third in the guild. Frankly I would've chose Neloth, but you took his.

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    • "I'll see you BURN!" - a lot of mages, often elven ones. Only for them to be killed by my dragonborn, preferably with fire :^).

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    • Or Ancano when he says: "Please, don't insult my intelligence".

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    • I have a few, so forgive me if they take up much space.

      "Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, at your service."-Sheogorath, introducing himself.

      "Sheogorath's madness take you!"-Dunmer, when fighting.

      "Filthy n'wah!"-Dumner, when fighting. (possibly not used against other Dunmer)

      "Where is that lazy steward of mine? Varona! No, wait, she's dead. Drovas!"-Neloth, after "Reluctant Steward"

      "She's dead? How annoying."-Neloth, during "Reluctant Steward"

      "More of these things?"-Neloth, encountering a Dwemer Automaton.

      "The man makes a dreadful cup of Canis Root Tea."-Neloth, commenting on Drovas, his new steward.

      "Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't."-Nazeem, commenting on the frequency of the Dragonborn's visits to the Cloud District.

      "I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil! I fight for their wives and children, whose names I heard whispered in their last breath. I fight for we few who did come home, only to find our country full of strangers wearing familiar faces. I fight for my people impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them, yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing! I fight... because I must."-Ulfric Stormcloak, when first entering the Palace of the Kings, Windhelm.

      "Do you not see? Elven Supremacy is the only way!"-Literally every Empire/Thalmor supporter in Skyrim ever.

      "What is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"-Paarthurnax, when asked why they shouldn't kill him."

      "And so the First Dragonborn, meets the Last Dragonborn, at the summit of Apocrytha."-Miraak, just before the end of "At the Summit of Apocrytha.

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