• I have no problem getting into the ruins of Bthalft. I shoot the dual Tonal locks to open the locked gate. However, as soon as I get to door just past that my game will freeze every time.

    I've tried verifying game files in Steam. Loaded a previously saved game. I've even tried doing other quests and going back later to no avail. I've been all over the internet looking for a solution. It looks like nobody else has had this problem.

    I am playing on a PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Well, first things first, do you have mods? Some of them cause outside issues like freezing at random points.

      Otherwise, I've noticed that the farther in I get in Skyrim, the more freezes that occur. I suppose you could try a few things such as telling your follower to wait outside the forge, or try letting the forge sit there for a while until The Ruins Bthalft resets completely to see if that helps.

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    • My apologies, yes I do have a bunch of mods installed. I do not have a follower with me.

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