• At random times while im playing the game I get a stutter/hiccup or whatever, where my frames drop 2-5 and it is noticeable and irritating other than that I keep a solid 60 fps everywhere. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, removed mods tried mods. I've tried ENB Vsync and Nvidia Vsync. I have even put the settings on the min and I still get the stutter at random times. I don't know if I notice it more or if it gets worse the longer I am on a character. any help would be amazing. Temps stay below 85.

    Gtx 1050ti

    i7 8750h

    8gb 2666 ram

    118 SSD

    1gb hard drive

    Skyrim SE is on my hard drive, not my boot drive

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    • Are you having issues with any other games/programs, or is Skyrim the only one? Try running a few other games if possibly to see if this happens if you haven't already.

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    • Try sorting your load order with LOOT, cleaning your files with TES5Edit (get rid of "identical to master" files), and optimizing your ini file with recommendations from the STEP guide. Beyond that, I can't think of anything else.

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    • I've experienced stutters in other games before. But never like this. Rainbow 6 runs smooth and smite and overwatch do too. Metro 2033 redux as well. the only other game i have had stutters in is Path of Exile and sometimes Elder Scrolls online. And very odly Minecraft I'll have over 300 frames and it will stutter. Elderscrolls online only has like a small drop when in really intense areas like pvp.

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