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    "I want to go out into the world and earn great glory. I want to hunt the deadliest creatures and claim vast riches. I am weary of this village. I want to do something with my life other than farm, fish and hunt deer."

    Hey there, it's Apples with the weekly update. Since Legends is technically not just on mobile (and Blades was mentioned to come to PC at last year's E3, though when that will eventually happen is another story) we might just revert back to each game having its own section. On with the news!

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    • This weekend's Legends event is Singleton Gauntlet! Take your best Singleton deck (where you cannot have more than one copy of your cards) and battle it out against other players until you reach nine wins or three losses for various rewards. This event ends on Monday September 23 at 12PM ET.


    • The New Moon Crown Crates came to the Crown Store on Thursday. Included in these are XP scrolls, research scrolls, potions, and collectibles which all look quite appropriate for the upcoming spooky season! Check them out on this page.
    • There's a new ESO Community Guides spotlight for this month. Take a look at these video guides by players which explore Scalebreaker dungeons, Clockwork City secrets and beginner tips.

    TES Wiki

    Nahdahni Dialogue

    NahdahniGreyFox06 – 9/21/19


    • This week at Wikia/Fandom, there have been two technical updates:
    • And two new blog posts:
      • An update about Editor Rewards – this blog post includes a preview of some graphic designs for different merch you can either buy or receive from this program, as well as addressing some concerns on Editor of the Month.
      • Organized spaces on Fandom – in this edition of the 'Best Practices' guides, the main topic of discussion is organisation in categories and breaking down the different types

    That concludes this update. Have a wonderful week and happy editing!

    Poisoned apples (talk) 01:51, September 22, 2019 (UTC)

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    • I'm amused that you made a mistake typing 'mistake'. ;)

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    • DaBarkspawn wrote: I'm amused that you made a mistake typing 'mistake'. ;)

      Tempted to just keep it for the sake of irony!

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