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    Hey there, here's the first weekly update of October. Can’t believe we're already in the Halloween season!

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    • Update 1.4 for Blades has you all set up for Halloween (or Witches' Festival)! There will be four new quests, spooky decorations, a complete spell overhaul and new music plus the Nighttime Town view which will cloak your Town in the eeriness of night. There are little previews of what some of the quests will involve in the announcement article which include spiders and a "beast of legend".


    • This weekend's event in Legends is the Retro Gauntlet! In this event, your deck cannot contain cards that were released after November 2017. This means your deck must be made up of Core, Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Heroes of Skyrim, Return to Clockwork City and Madhouse Collection cards as well as any monthlies from before November 2017. Entry to this event costs one Event Ticket and you can do up to three runs. The Retro Gauntlet will run up until Monday October 7 12PM ET.
    • The next expansion, Jaws of Oblivion, is coming out in a couple of days! A host of cards have been revealed by various content creators over the week, and you can check them out in this spoiler thread on the Legends subreddit.


    • The October Crown Store Showcase contains some Dragonhold, Halloween and Daedric themed homes, mounts, pets, costumes and more. Note that the Dragonhold DLC game pack and Collector's Bundle will be available on the Crown Store this month for PC/Mac, and in November for XBox One and PS4.
    • The Dragon Rise event began on Thursday and will run until October 14, 10:00AM EDT. During this event, all Elsweyr players must work together to complete three different activities. At each completion, the Dragon Rise meter is filled and a reward is unlocked. These rewards include a new imp pet, costume and furnishing that includes lootable bags with a bunch of cool items. There's also XP bonuses and gold acquisition to unlock for the Northern Elsweyr zone and a chance to obtain Nafaalilargus's Strongbox when you defeat Dragons and bosses which includes even more items! The Elsweyr Chapter is on sale at 50% off until October 8, and until October 16 on PS4.
    • In relation to the activities mentioned above, slaying Dragons will not only unlock a zone-wide XP boost, but also adds to the donations for the #SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign. Every 5 Dragons slain up until December 9 adds $1 to ESO's donation to pet welfare charities. The progress for this can be seen on the campaign’s page, where you can also donate yourself if you are interested in doing so.
    • There are in-game and real-world prizes to be won in the Season of the Dragon Sweepstakes, from ESO merchandise, the Horn of Ja'darri drinking horn, to in-game pets, mounts and Crown Packs, with the grand prize being a wall-mounted Kaalgrontiid Dragon Head Trophy! Check out the rules and how to enter here and the full list of prizes near the bottom of this page. You'll also get a bonus entry, maximum of ten, into the Season of the Dragon Sweepstakes whenever you acquire Indrik Feathers or Berries from in-game activities (not purchased in the Crown Store). Full details for all of the above can be found in this article.

    TES Wiki

    Werewolf - Full Body Shot (Skyrim)

    Lycanthropy (Skyrim)Nehpys – 10/6/19

    • At this month's moot, there was no topic to discuss, not even undecided ones from previous moots, so it was very short. Here's the log.
      • The moot is held on the first Saturday of every month in the chat at 8:00PM UTC. If there is a topic you would like to bring up, feel free to sign-up on the moot page.
    • There's a discussion going on on the CT thread, Separate book articles for each game. This is about books in ESO that also appear in other games since Zenimax made tweaks, from fixing mistakes to rephrasing.
    • Some notable additions to wiki articles from this week come from:


    That finally concludes this update. Have a great week and happy editing!

    Poisoned apples (talk) 05:51, October 6, 2019 (UTC)

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    • As dear as it is to my heart, the old TESWiki app was becoming extremely outdated. It's good that users will just be focusing on the Fandom app now, because it has a lot more features.

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    • Made a page for Dragon Rise, feel free to add to it. On that note, be sure to log into ESO and get the container reward from the Crown Store (it's free), has a ton of stuff for all players for hitting the playerbase reward threshold

      Also we hit 65k pages. Not sure what it was since counter was wonky

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