• So this scan in assets from real life thing... is this implying a possiblity of scanning yourself into the game or they just mean for precreated assets and landscapes?

    On a side note... where have we NOT been yet in a non-online Elder Scrolls game? heck even with online what places have we not been? Like maybe Atmora... or Aldmeris....Akavir...Yokuda... Pyandonea

    Man I hope they drop some hint cause it could go ANYWHERE. With new races... enemies... weapons.. I hope they go full tilt and give us a true lore heavy epic game!

    So glancing at the Elder Scrolls VI image... thats a volcanic landscape or at least close to that OR a white rock (marble, sandstone) biome. Also there is a city in the "S" of scrolls.

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    • So the photogramatry technology is for development use, it takes a lot to scan in these object, they have to have pictures taken with very high quality cameras from many many angles and wouldn't be something people can do in their homes (yet). It will be used for rock formations, NPCs as we see with Shirley.

      It is not out of the question for us to go somehwere we have already been due to how technology and game design has changed,  the 2 main speculations of where ESVI will be set based on that trailer is HammerFell and HighRock which we have been before but not in a crafted open worl like this.

      If people are right on their speculations of where the trailer implies then people have the theory that the city in the "S" is actually sentinel which would suggest HammerFell is the correct location though it could be both Hammerfell and gigh rock.

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