• So, to make two things clear: No, Ive not used the console or try to adapt the game in any ways. I have disabled all my mods about 1 and a half years ago, because i wanted to gain the achievements for my Steam. 

    What happens in my game is this: I collected all the evidence and things, everything fine. Two times (i think, maybe three) when i walked out of some house inside the city, a guard would speak to me, in the way of talk you cannot just 'walk out of'. My quest journal tells me to 'return to Eltrys' and the marker show me the temple of talos. 

    I walk in, see the guy lying there dead, three guards standing around... and no one starting to speak to me. One of them is a Commander of the city, no one does approach me. If i talk to the commander, he tells me to decide which side to support in the war or something, related to another side quest i think. Then he starts walking out. Repeating the same thing if i try again. The other two dont have any dialogue, just the standard guard's blabbering.

    I dont know how many times Ive tried to reload different saves from right before, and by know, i am further into my other quests and cant go all the way back. Is there any trick to it, to 'reset' the scene within the temple? Any Idea is really welcome /:

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    • Try killing them and surrendering outside

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