• When I play Skyrim on the PS3 and place an item into a HF display case, I have noticed items doing weird things inside of the display cases. Here are some examples.

    Item glitches onto the floor outside of the display case.

    Item dissapears altogether.

    Large item is on top of the display case upon re-entry.

    (Unrelated to Display Cases) Books in Bookshelves may dissapear upon trying to add more books to the shelf.

    All these bugs have been observed inside Lakeview Manor, and it is observed to be more frequently occuring on anything other than weapons. Has anyone else observed these HF bugs?

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    • Instead of dragging items into display cases, I will just place weapons in the weapon rack inside the display case. But in Lakeview Manor, the option to place a weapon into the display case automatically was not there. Lakeview Manor may be beautiful, but it sure is a massive pain to customize it.

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    • It's the same thing on 360, I never house my character in a Hearthfire house. I just stick to the vanilla houses. Much more secure and much less buggy.

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    • Thats just how Hearthfire display cases work theres no automatic option to place items inside like weapon racks you have to do it manually, and for MignightHawks two year old question unfortunately those things have been reported to happen.

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