• Somehow Tending the Flames door is glitched. I am using the code that the claw and Youtube, and Elder Scrolls Wiki has told me, Wolf Hawk Wolf, but the door will not open. I even tried every possible solution. Just reporting this. I'll probably have to cheat the door open.

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    • If the Ruby dragons claw code isn't working then i say your well within you rights to cheat your way though the door. There are some 360 bug fixes for your problem though (even if your not on a 360 might be worth a try) copy/paste from the wiki page -

      •  360   When solving the Ruby Dragon Claw sealed door, the door may not open even though you have entered the right solution, thus rendering you stuck forever. No known fixes.
        • Patch 1.4 solved the issue.
        • Occasionally, the puzzle will rotate, but the door will not open, even with the correct order. If reloading does not solve the issue, try enchanting a weapon at the Arcane Enchanter found earlier in the dungeon and approaching the door again.
        • Workaround confirmed to work with Patch 1.8;
          1. Line the symbols up correctly.
          2. Click outer ring to initiate a spin, then quickly click the middle and inner rings.
          3. When outer ring has finished moving repeat until symbols are lined up correctly again.
          4. Activate with the claw.
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