• I have been playing since November and I love the Elder Scrolls, however I dont really understand downloads because I am really new to Xbox (Well video games in general, never had them growing up). And all i play on my Xbox is Skyrim, so its all really new.

    Do I have to go to like a Gamestop or BestBuy and buy the add-ons physically or buy them online, how much do they cost, how do I install them? Im just so lost. Any help would be so much appreciated!

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    • BrightStars... easily downloaded via store on X Box... (I would Never Own an X box so this is just speculation but I have PS3 and do my downloads via the store.)

      Cost is subject to change, as they had upon release half off for a week ... then again half off sometime after release... I think I payed around $25 for all three when it was half off. 

      As far as downloading .. you just need to follow the directions ...   :/ 

      (why am i repling to this thread?)

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    • You can do it online via your web browser too. Just log into your Xbox live account on the xbox website. I made the search for you, go here:

      That page should list all downloadable content related to Skyrim. Before you can download any of the DLCs, you have to purchase MS points to buy them. So, if you want all of them, it's going to cost around 3600 points. I think the max points you can purchase is 4000, that's $49.99, and should cover the cost of three DLCs, and you'll still have some points left over if you decide to buy any other xbox game content.

      Once you bought your points, you can go back to the link I gave you, and use the points to buy the downloadable content. Once the transaction is complete, log into your Xbox 360 and your DLCs should automatically begin to download and install on your system.

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    • There is a problem, it does not work if you do not have enough space available.

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    • by the way there is a legandary edition know that comes with all 3 add-onbs

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    • Skyrim Legendary Edition has all three dlc and the last patch.

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    • wrote:

      There is a problem, it does not work if you do not have enough space available.

      thats everything lol

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