• Oh, what a wonderful follower he was.  Arrogant--yes.  Annoying--yes.  Often complaining he could only carry so much--yes.  Speaking in third person in some sort of strange, lispy, Yoda-speak, yes.  But, as a follower, he was beyond compare. 

    He didn't stand in my way in every doorway like Lydia, he didn't get fried on one of my first quests like that scary lady I had fisticuffs with in the Whiterun pub.  When I gave him staffs to use, he used them, and didn't whine or complain--just kicked arse.  (Except for that one time when one of his summoned Dremora attacked me, but I'll let that one go.) 

    We traveled through the plains, scaled mountains (even if it took him four hours to find his way up), he swam with me through the rivers and lakes, once I gave him a waterbreathing helmet.  He was with me on every quest...until one fateful eve.

    When the dumb Wolfqueen Awakened, and I went to exact revenge upon Potema, my furry friend was right there behind me, the whole way.  He slaughtered the unruly as we made way to our goal, and was protected against every elemental force I could think of.  Beefed up with improved armor sporting ridiculous resistance to frost, flames, et al, with crazy health, potions, and every fail safe I could think of, he sliced through the enemies like so much mushy butter.  I was positive my feline companion was that much closer to knowing his goal of being wizard extraordinaire. 

    Until we got to Potema's room, that is.

    She laughed, as she spun about the ceiling, like some sort of Tesla experiment gone mad.  I exclaimed to her, never minding my fine friend who was always two steps behind me, "You're dead!  You're so dead!  Get your ethereal countenance down here, I will rip your soul to pieces!"  I unleashed my most brutal attacks, dodging her spindly electrified tentacles and Draugr slaves.  I was doing spectacularly.  J'zargo was too, I looked over to see him holding his own with the Draugr and doing his own fair meting of justice and carnage.

    I focused on Potema, and destroyed her.

    But then, everything was very quiet...

    "Meow?"  I queried...


    The echoes of my quickly-dampening voice rang throughout the chamber.  All I saw at my feet were dead Draugr, dumb eletric veins still lighting up here and there.

    "Well, J'zargo must have left," I thought to myself.  He probably ran away, that was it.  So, I returned to the College of Winterhold, expecting to see my caped crusader pacing around impatiently, worried about what trouble I had gotten myself into, practicing destruction spells, or curled up with his tail around his nose, taking a cat nap.

    No where to be found.

    Now my stomach was crawling with sickness, like a pit full of Chorus and frost spiders.

    I went back to Potema's dungeon of death, I ran back through...corridor after corridor of those slain who had been smited by J'zargo's mighty prowess.  Once back in Potema's room, I set aloft a magelight, and peered to the ground.  There, on the floor, in a crumpled heap was the remains of my friend. 

    I was in utter disbelief.  How could this happen!!!???  "NooooooOOOO!"  I wailed, disconsolate, raised my fist to the sky, and shouted, "Damn you, Potema, Wolf Queen!  Damn youuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

    I threw myself upon the floor next to my friend and wept bitterly.  For several seconds. 

    Then, I realized I had to...bury my friend.  I could not leave him there in that dungeon of death, suffer the shame of having let him rot where he fell without a proper Nord burial (I know he's a Khajit, but still, I don't know what they do with their dead, probably turn them into Moonsugar, but I don't know how to do that.)

    Oh, J'zargo!  My heart was heavy, as I pulled my friend by his furry back paw, dragging him up and out of the pit with his 240 pounds of armor.  I made it to the stairs, to ascend, still grasping him by his hind quarter, when the steps themselves mocked me, refusing to let me drag my friend from this fiendish place.

    I then, having no other choice, I stripped my friend of everything I--I mean, he--owned.  I was now overburdened by 1,000 pounds of trinkets, enchanted metal, and Daedra ephemera.  "Farewell, my friend," I bade, glancing backward, as I dragged my feet, heavily encumbered by sets upon sets of heavy armor toward the exit door.  Outside of the sanctum on a ledge, I attempted to relieve myself of some weight.  I threw out 120 potions of various invicibility (Alchemy at 100, thank you very much), and found I still moved at the rate of a pregnant snail, so I took my stupid potions back, mumbling curses under my breath.

    I slowly descended the cliff face, sliding and hopping down (and saving every two seconds in case it was possible to die from carrying seven times my body weight).

    Two days later, when I arrived in the nearest city, I found a horse, and rode my overencumbered buttocks all the way back to my nearest house. 

    I made it safe, home, even though a dragon tried to fry me on the way, at which point I prayed to Talos to guide me, because I couldn't run if my horse became barbecue.

    Safe, home...but without J'zargo.  Not even a proper burial. :-(  What a travesty.

    I still think of him, months later, in mourning...every Khajit I see seems to have his face.  Every Adept reminds me of him dualcasting his mightiness.

    There will never be another J'zargo, I refuse to take another follower in his place.  I just wish I could have heard him say, "Goodbye, my friend."

    Or, at least during the fight, over the sounds of moaning Draugr and cackling Potema, "Potema does fry J'zargo's tail!  J'zargo need help now, you are useless Argonian trollop!  I knew you never be as good wizard as J'zargo!  Restoration!  Restoration!  J'zargo on 8 1/2 cat life currently, move controller quick!  Must J'zargo teach you everything?  This is what J'zargo get for letting you sit in front of Alchemy table for forty hours, heh?  Healing Hands!  Grrrrand Healing!  J'zargo is fading!  Do quick!  Argh...argh...meeeoww." (Clunk, as he falls to the floor.)

    If only I heard. :-(

    RIP, J'zargo.

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    • Very well written I thouroghly enjoyed it.

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    • Thank you, I am still in mourning.  I am wearing my black Daedric Armor in his memory.

      I raised a toast to him (or four) in his memory while drowning my sorrows in Skooma last night, at Candlehearth Hall. 

      You see, I was getting lonely, and tried to replace J'Zargo yesterday.  Went to Windhelm, and while getting tanked at the bar downstairs in the Hall, thought it would be a good idea to hire the Mercenary, upstairs, thanks to the barmaid who kept plying me with buybacks of mead in between shots of Skooma. 

      I saw him before, walked by him.  Big and burly, with the IQ of wet toilet paper.  I figured he would suit my needs as occasional cannon fodder or pack mule.  He said his name was Stenvar, and told me I could give him all the gold I wanted.  I said, "Here's a cabbage, Rambo.  Don't spend it all in one place."

      So, after the room stopped spinning, and I got rid of my hangover the next morning, I gussied him up with the Dragon Scale armor I made.  We set off to battle.  He fought a dragon or two with me, and talked my ear off in a cave about his life story, and kept taking detours to look for gold veins. 

      It was the longest sweep of a cave, ever.  I ditched him in Riverwood while I ran off on some important business.  I told him to stay there, and "Wait for me here."  He started talking again.  He complained and said, "Patience is not my strong suit."  I gave him a tomato and an imaginary smartphone, and told him to go make a call and cry to somebody who cares.

      I finished doing some stuff, and went back to meet up with him, only to realize...he took off.  He flew the coop.  WITH my dragon scale enchanted armor I made for him, WITH my second-best weapon, and WITH my imaginary smartphone.  The nerve.  Still haven't found him, last I heard, I think he's shacking up in some barn with a milk maid, and sold my imaginary smartphone to Cicero in exchange for his mother's coffin and 45 carrots.

      There really is no follower like J'zargo.


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    • Reload auto save. J'zargo lives.

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    • Hmm you definately missed the point

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    • Damn,thats sad,you can revive J'zargo though, press the tilde key,then type resurrect click his body,and then enter.

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    • Nice story. J'zargo is my favourite companion ever, so I'm careful that he doesn't die. On the rare occasion that he does (such as when he runs in front of my arrow), I reload.

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    • There is a...different way....a way most people consider....unnatural . But I assure you it works though he may not be in as good condition as he once see in the great and often shunned (UNJUSTLY!) school of magic Conjuration there is a certain spell that could...hmmm how you say...resurrect...your fallen comrade. As a powerful mage/alchemist I am sure you could quickly discover this Certain Spell and put it to good use bringing your friend back from the realm of the dead and into the realm of the living. Of course that is unless you are narrow minded in your views on this kind of magic in which case I cannot help you and I urge you to go home and rethink your life.

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    • R.I.P J'zargo. :(

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    • As a humble High Elf, I couldn't bear to have Lydia following me, talking my ear off with "yes, my Thane" this, and "I am your sword and shield, and if you want, your scabbard" that. Having hired a spellsword from Solstice whose name I can't even remember, I'm considering ditching him to take J'zargo up on his offer to bolster my offense after reading this fine eulogy.

      Requiescat in sol, cattus.

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    • Truly tragic, my fellow Dovahkiin. I mourn the loss of your valiant comrade. May his soul make its way back to the dunes of Elsweyr.

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    • That is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever read.

      Rest in peace, oh valaint J'zargo

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    • I actually don't want to recruit him in fear of losing him. I tried Lydia and the bear looking woman from The Bannered Mare, both died as they are inexperienced cuntmonglers.

      J'zargo, he is special, he is one of a kind (well actually here is only one other Khajiit you can recruit as a follower - Kharjo, and he has pretty much the same lines as J'zargo, but it's not the same).

      I fear that after losing him I will become this evil and sad.. well.. Bandit. A rogue.

      J'zargo <3

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    • Sadness of this tragic, tragic loss versus sadness of Bambi. THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE MOST HEART-FELT, TOUCHING AND YET SAD THING EVER TO GRACE MY EYES!

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    • This is by far the funniest thing I've read on this site . . . EVAR!  I'm dying over here, I can hardly breathe.  I'm reading this at work and people are staring.

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    • "Probably turned them into Moonsugar or something..."

      I died. xD

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    • I never knew of J'zargo until he sent me with a pack of scrolls that nearly blew my Lady back to the Hall of Valor. If I could send him to you, I would.

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    • I like how when you first speak to J'zargo he asks if you've mastered the expert destruction spells, and yet doesn't believe you if you have.

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    • I don't understand some people's hate for J'zargo.

      He only wants to be the very best...

      Like no one ever was! 

      To learn all the spells is his real test...

      To master them is his cause! 

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    • Wow. J'zargo is a Pokemon parody :3

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    • The saddest part is that only you can kill him.

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    • Sometimes they drop to one knee when they should go left and boom dead companion.

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    • My trusty follower Vorstag is still around. He may be obsessed with gold, not have the slightest clue that he needs to master mountain climbing, and equip random ass helmets, but  he will always have my back, and if he gets injured he knows to let me know so I can fix him. I'm sorry for your loss.

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    • wrote:
      Reload auto save. J'zargo lives.

      Just the way I read that in my head was awesome, like it came out in the perfect tone and speed and I died laughing, I'm not sure why...

      J'zargo has to be my favorite follower in the game, from his remarks to his pure bad*** skills, he will always have my back, and I his.

      If J'zargo died on my game, I would bring him back to the College, and make a monument out of gold or something really good and deserving, for the best Khajiit mage who ever lived. (Well maybe not ever but he is the best apprentice)

      Then I would jump of the bridge for the pain of not having him anymore, he was supposed to take my place one day as Archmage...(I really didn't want to be Archmage it just never gave me the option to make him Archmage, wish it did :D)

      I saw farewell to your furry friend, and may he forever live on in spirit, and guard your back from Aetherius, or wherever Khajiit heaven is.

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    • J'zargo has to be my favorite follower, along with Serana, and this is a sad tale indeed.

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    • dammit j'zargo

      why do you have to make people sad?

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    • Shortly after reading this I did his quest so I could get him as a follower. He is a Daedric kitty now. With 20 bottles of Skooma all the time.

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    • I can't say I mourn.... his scrolls killed my follower and then me.

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    • Incarnate Sable wrote:
      Shortly after reading this I did his quest so I could get him as a follower. He is a Daedric kitty now. With 20 bottles of Skooma all the time.

      I never thought to make sure he had Skooma all the time.

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    • Very well written! I especially liked the part where you looted his corpse. Reminds me of every other follower that has fallen in battle... and occasionally those that I've decided to drive a bound sword through out of boredom.

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    • I will use the ancient nordic language to say farewell to him...

      "Måtte fred være med din arme sjel, Jzargo"

      Okay it's modern norwegian, close enough...

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    • Nord, Norwegian . . . tomato, tomato . . .

      I feel like that doesn't work as well when read.

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    • Yeah it sounds strange... you racist... :p nah j/k

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    • Ohhh My god im doing the same quest with j'zargo as I read this.

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    • Never took J'zargo or Kharjo as a follower...I have piss poor luck at keeping followers alive, so I tend to stick to the essential ones, like Serana and Deerkethus. Still he's a cool character and stands easilly as the coolest khajiit in the game with Kharjo as a close second. :)

      Sorry for your lose.

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    • Granted, my J'zargo is still alive and well, and I consider him one of my best buddies in the game, but if he died in the catacombs of Queen Potema McDouchebag, I would bury him on top of the throat of the world, on its very peak, a golden state showing all of his cat-ly glory! A funeral will be held, and I will give his eulogy.

      "We are gathered here today in the sight of Talos,

      And all of the divines. I am sure this is the way he

      would have wanted to go, snarky and trying to get

      someone to do his work for him. He will be missed

      as one of my best companions, and I will always

      cherish the moments we got high off of moon

      sugar and looked at PlayNord magazines together.

      And now, Ma'iq the Liar with his totally truthfull speach

      about his awesomeness. Thank you, and Fus Ro Da."

      He will be missed.

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    • RIP J'zargo who is currently my follower for my orc.

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    • wrote: As a humble High Elf, I couldn't bear to have Lydia following me, talking my ear off with "yes, my Thane" this, and "I am your sword and shield, and if you want, your scabbard"

      AND scabbard, you say? I think if you dislike Lydia perhaps "sheathing" your sword down her neck is a good idea. Just a quick suggestion.

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    • Ah, my J'zargo never made it to the end of his first quest. It went a little like this. J'zargo: " Have you mastered Expert level Destruction spells?" Me: " Shut up, I'm killing a dragon" Dragon:"Yol-Toor-Shul" Me:" Where's kitty" J'zargo burnt to crisp. To this day. every dragon I kill is in J'zargo's memory. J'zargo, you are missed by your Arch-Mage, Thieves Guild Guildmaster, Harbinger, Champion of mutiple Daedra, Dovahkin friend.

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    • I killed J'Zargo after he gave me them scrolls. It felt like he was trying to kill me so I returned the favour

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    • well I was Thane of Markarth and lived in Vlindrel Hall. My houscarl was a great follower, until i married Ysolda.You see, i told Ysolda to live with me in Vlindrel Hall. But i was afraid she'd cheat on me with my Housecarl. So i killed my Houscarl and fed him to the forsworn. But i miss him. His bedroom is empty (actually, i turned into drug room. Its filled with Skooma, Moon sugar, Sleeping tree sap and any other drug).

      So i need a new follower...

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    • Wow, jealous. Im gonna go do that.

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    • Jzargo.....I lost Lydia,I remember the day.I was running across tamriel,Dotting from one place to the other.I remember the fateful day......The day I lost lydia....She got in the way of my thu'um and has run into my blade.....But this time a draugr had took her life,this undead FREAK! Battles had taken a toll on her...The undead man took a swing lydia moaned and fell to the ground.....I cut the dead mans head right off and kneeled and smiled....I knew she was in sovngarde :)

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    • i lost lydia too, i was doing a quest for the imperials, she had a guard helmet, , and in the battle, when i was killing stormcloacks, se was on one knee, i thought she was a stormcloack because of her helmet and i delivered the final blow, im more carefull whit me followers science then

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    • Only follower i ever lost was Faendal,my first companion.He was perfect for the job because he just sticked back with a bow,not ever getting in my way,or in my Chain Lightning spell way.

      Until i decied to take on the silver hand.Those guys were pretty OP back then,most would kill me with a power attack,and that's what happened to him.I turned werewolf and eated him as Bosmer tradition dictates,and afterwards i married Camilla Valerius.

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    • This is a J'zargo  memorial, not Lydia the sarcastic idiot or Faendal the elf who's crush I married.

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    • i didnt like him, so i did unrelating force to him while he was standing in the throat of the world


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    • I miss J'zargo. I have had two non-mandatory followers during my entire Level 61 High Elf life. J'zargo was one, and Erik the Slayer was the other. Erik, of course, died before I got out of Rorikstead. (Stupid Dragon...) But J'zargo, no. We ranged all over Skyrim, from the plains of Whiterun, to the swamps of Morthal, to the tundra of Dawnstar, to the damp forests of the Rift, to the ashen wastelands of Solstheim. We used our magical might and the power of my Thu'um to smite all who stood before us. And then came the Briarheart Extermination quest. As usual, we decimated the Looters, Ravagers, and regular Forsworn. We had just defeated a horde when we saw the Briarheart getting ready to loose his magic on us. I pounded him until I ran out of Magicka, at which point I pulled loose Riivaazol, my Chaos and Health absorb Dragonbone sword. He was as good as dead. I even got a cutscene for him. But as I swung the sword, gouging a hole in his chest, I clearly saw him loose an Ice Spike that flew over my shoulder and buried itself deep in J'zargo's chest. I flew over to him, Heal Other at the ready. But watching the Briarheart fall took too much time. The Ice Damage had taken it's toll, and J'Zargo lay still. I buried him with the Forsworn he had killed, and piled the Briarheart on top. I covered it with Flame Wall, and gave a mighty Fus-Ro-Da in his memory. I tried, J'zargo. I tried.



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    • Ko Vahrukt Se J’zargo-Kaaz,

      Kro, Krin, Krilot, Pahlok, Paar,

      Grah-Zeymahzin, Hun, Kaal,

      Aal ok sil praan ko drem

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    • Even if i have made a set of Legendary Daedric Armor for Lydia, i will not take her to one of my adventures. I currently have Serana with me but if i am ordered to for example kill a dragon priest i walk alone.

      Another sad story is about J'zargo. Yes, i witnessed the death of my dear khajit follower.

      It was 2th of Frostfall. I was attacked by a pack of bandits. Me and J'zargo butchered them easily. He called it a game. Oh no J'zargo, if we only knew what was going to happen.

      We found a dwemner ruin. We entered. Biggest mistake in my life. Falmers attacked us along with some dwemner. We barely made it, but we were rushed by bandits. Agian.

      I called upon 2 Dremora lords. I pulled J'zargo behind me as my Dremora's killed and slaughtered. All i heard was: I will feast on your heart!

      The Dremora's won. I healed J'zargo and me. We fought our way to a big room. Falmers......

      I killed them succsesfully. But yet, i was about to die. I healed myself and equipped "Heal Other" and turned around. "J'zargo?" I asked to the air around me. No response.

      No response.... no response......

      "J'zargo!!!" I screamed when i saw him on the ground, bleeding.

      "Dragonborn..." he said. "Leave me be....."  "No!" I screamed, with tears in my eyes. "Please, don't die....."  "No, I am unhealable. Leave me and get another follower..... Dragonborn....."

      He closed his eyes, his flaming hand equipped with flames died and shortly after, J'zargo died.....

      I hope you learned something guys. Do not take J'zargo to a dwemner ruin. In fact, do not take anyone except Serana to a fight. Atleast, Serana is Essential.

      I bring this sad story so you can learn and behold how weak you and your followers can be.... and how brutal enemies are.

      "Let J'zargo float to Sovngarde" i said, crying.

      But then a scumbag dragon attacked me!

      But learn that J'zargo has limits.

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    • Cicero, or DB Initiate. J'zargo dies as soon as he sets foot off College grounds. Seven files, all with dead J'zargos somewhere.

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    • I will bury J'zargo with my Th'umn.

      FUS RO DAH







      And may J'zargo li-

      FUS RO-

      • Sneeze*

      Anyways, let us read the old dragon language.







      • Roar*

      Shut up Odahviing! I am burying J'zargo!



      Go away Valor!
















      • Rain*






      Go away Durnehviir

      Durnehviir: Ok bye


      FUS RO DAH


      That is all shouts in dragon language. I have now detroyed my house with shouts. C:

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    • Indeed.J'zargo has a very high tendency to die.After reading this i recruited J'zargo so i can witness first hand of his so called expert did not went well.I took him to Labirinthyan and in the first layers of the dungeon i have already seen him crumble one or two times,so i send him to the College,watching Faendal and Ogmund die was enough of me,i didn't want to see it again.Best followers are Ingjard and Cellan.And our occasional Dremora,of course.

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    • I don't know when J'zargo died only he disappeared and wasn't at his room in the college more importantly he died with the Wabbajack I don't know where or when he died so I no longer have the Wabbajack.

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    • I killed the sleeazy fluff balls in Winterhold Hall of Elements - I changed into Beast Werewolf. Kept annoying me... wanting to strip me of Arch Mage. As Dgraborn, he's too weak because he runs out of magicka too quickly, his heavy armor overrated, and most of all he only uses 8 spells out of 13. Oh yeah! Weak beause he has been programmed to favor the weak shock destruction spell - his ultimate downfal. His strenght is spike spell and soul trap. I prefer followers with no armor, stripped down to the bikinis, wearing the wedding wreath.  

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    • Am I the only person in the world who can't seem to have J'zargo die? He's gone down onto one knee a bajillion times but he always gets right back up a few moments later. One tough kitty indeed, and a very nice companion for my Khajiit dragonborn.

      If only the "Marry any race" mods had decent voice acting...

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    • I've never gotten J'zargo killed.  I thought perhaps he was essential.  I gave him a cool katana I enchanted with great power, and he looks awesome weilding it, but when it comes to combat, he puts it away and just uses his lightning magic, but it seems weak.  Next time I play I'm going to give him the mask Zahkriisos, that I took off that lightning-enchanted dragon priest Zahkriisos in Solstheim.

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    • TheInfamousLyingHarlot wrote:
      I don't understand some people's hate for J'zargo.

      He only wants to be the very best...

      Like no one ever was! 

      To learn all the spells is his real test...

      To master them is his cause! 

      Winterhold! Gotta Learn em all!

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    • when he dies... i start a new game, cos' my main quest is to protect J'zargo, the true dragonborn.

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    • I wept....

      (Very well written. tis a shame such words come to light due to such sorrow.)

      I shall raise my mug to thee and your fallen friend., 

      When your travels end, shall you be side by side once again.

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      • snif snif*reminds me of when i lost hime once when we got back to the collage with the staff of magnis and was fighting that foxtrotter of a thalmor when i was him there i went bezeark (even though i am a Khajiit my self) and i choped off his head then i reloded a save at the door and did it again (even though my Khajiit BFFFL was alive this time *best feline freiend for life*) and did it a dozen times or so now he is allwase at my side wereing a full set of behemonth deadric armor.'
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    • A clean solution: Console command setessential for Jzargo and the probs are over...

      However, I know he's an OP follower, but its hard to keep followers alive, so I don't usually bring them with me. He never died on any of my saves cause I never get him to follow.

      Still, I guess that was pretty sad for the one who lost him and felt for him, but shall he pass favourably through the dreamsleeve. Followers are ephemera that only watch you back for a while, unless, or course, they are named Cicero or Serana.

      If you are really that keen on him, just do the fortify resto glitch, make a potion of fortify enchanting, then enchant his chestplate with fortify health and health regen.

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    • well could u not have used a raise dead spell on him so that at least his carcass turned to ashes wen the spell expired? and then he would have made it out of Potema's place. I don't know if that works cuz I never tried before but it might have.

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    • the only follower I've lost is Lydia and that was a glitch. I didn't dismiss her before entering the Thalmor embassy and when I completed the quest she was just gone, never to be seen again.

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    • WarZen wrote:
      well could u not have used a raise dead spell on him so that at least his carcass turned to ashes wen the spell expired? and then he would have made it out of Potema's place. I don't know if that works cuz I never tried before but it might have.

      I don't think raise dead works on level 81 followers...

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    • Lydia's the only follower I've ever had die, and I killed her to start the quest for getting the Ebony Mail. Entirely worth it.

      Then again, I tend to always keep a very close eye on my followers, and only killing them if I need or want to. But if they die, they say dead, each wearing the armor and weapons I made for them, upgraded for them.

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    • At least you didn't kill him yourself like i did. I was fighting a Gargoyle together with J'zargo we were standing on opposite sides of it and somehow i missed the Gargoyle and performed a finisher move on J'zargo cutting him down, and directly after he had died Arniel Gane "revived" him as his thrall and after that J'zargo was just walking around the place grunting. It made me sad.

      (This was at the College and i was just about to ask J'zargo to follow me when the Gargoyle appeared)

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    • R.I.P. J.zargo, you will forever be in my hear, even though ive never gone to winterhold and have no idea who you are...

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    • I expected a punchline about "resurrect 1" in console.

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    • I just had J'zargo die on me in Hobs Fall Cave. I feel your pain, but I could never put it into words so eloquently.

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    • I killed J'zargo via accidental storm call. Stupid spriggans. I buried him on a lake, with corpses of bears and spriggans everywhere.

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    • I might want to recurit J'zargo into the blades so he doesn't get slaughtered by the mandatory dragon that appears EVERY TIME you go into winterhold. 

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    • Ancano killed J'zargo the first time at the college and then I killed Ancano

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    • RIP in taquitos jalapeños

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    • As soon as I got in the college I killed him. R.I.P. J'zargo

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    • Those who hate J'zargo go to oblivion and sleep with the slaughterfish and the frosbite spiders that's how low u r.But truly that was a mezmerizingly sad 😭 tale all of us should go kill Potoma right now say I if ur with me For J'zargo

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    • make your conjuration realy high. get undead thrall. endead thrall is a dead body that stayes with you forever. ta da! new j'zargo

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    • I killed j'zargo on purpose :(. I am a vampire and I told him to leave me. then He attacked me.

      I curing my vamireism for j'zargo and I buiried him in my fire pit in whiterun.

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    • If u on computer u can resurrect him through console commands after curing ur vampirism

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    • If u are on Xbox etc go back to ur previous save

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    • I never got to experience J'zargo as a follower. When i was doing Quests in the College i brought my Lydia with me beefed up with some leveled gear. J'zargo was practicing a spell and i went over to help him(The quest where you help him with a new spell). Well, Lydia was in the way of the spell and got hit resulting to her going buhzerk on J'zargo while he fled from fear(literally), and eventually died. "Failed: Help J'zargo with a new spel bla bla." Well duh, he dead. lol

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    • As a Khajiit, I want to get J'Zargo so we can be a couple of ousted Cats.

      "You can't be here." A Guard says to J'Zargo, as we enter Whiterun.

      "Hmm, do you know who this one is?" The Dragonborn asks.

      "Uh, well yes, of course. You're the Dragonborn."

      "Yes, well, this one is this Khajiit's friend. This one travels with the Dragonborn."

      "I-I'm sorry, rules are ru-" He shakingly says.

      "Bah! I hiss at your rules, they are nothing to Khajiit! You will let this one and friend enter, or this one will give you a taste of these "shouts" you're kind speak about so much." The Dragonborn exclaims, his ears tilted backwards, and fangs exposed.

      "Ah, yes, yes, whatever you say, Dragonborn." The Guard slowly backs away, letting J'Zargo and the Dragonborn pass, unhindered.

      "This one thanks you, Dragonborn. It is refreshing to travel with kin (used in the sense that they are both Khajiit), no longer will this one be forced to wait outside of pubs in the rain, or sleep in hastfully made camps instead of a warm bed, and this one may even finally taste fresh Whiterun Trout instead of leftovers from the Guild. Thank you, Dragonborn, you are truley a ray of sunshine in this frozen desert." J'Zargo proclaims, smiling, as he pats the Dragonborn on the back.

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    • I will have him as my follower on the road to Level 1000

      Because he does not have a Max Level Cap

      He will become immortal with me

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    • All I searched was is j'zargo essential now I'm sad

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    • J'zargo should be the main antagonist in Elder Scrolls 6

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    • May our furry friend Rest In Peace.

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    • If you're on PC, then

      `setessential 1c195 1` is your magic command for J'Zargo. Lookup Base ID in place of `1c195` for your other beloved ones, such as Kharjo as another Khajiit example.

      As for J'Zargo. I love him too. He's the best even if I admit he is not a power cat.

      I do see however that Skyrim engine is full of bugs. And the only answer to bugs is to use cheats and commands like above. I had many times my followers drop to knee with a very low amount of HP with essential tag on just when they hit the... laying stone that was thrown long time ago from a trap cage. Oh, are you serious, Bethesda? You're going to kill my cool friend just with a piece of rock that peacefully lays on the floor??

      I personally think followers even get useless and annoying from level 40 and up, where most followers are decade long capped already. You have always to watch on them because they might be lost or AI engine may loose them or get them stuck, as was with me and J'Zargo stuck forever in a pool under that high jump with a bard ghost. When I noticed, I had to "moveto" to him, and I did not know how he got there, swimming endlessly. Fortunately followers do not die underwater.

      However I get J'Zargo with myself just because he is a cool, nice guy for my Khajiit character.

      This buggy engine learned me to use it's console often, so I do not have problems such as that. The game, lore and plot is great, but implementation is at best average.

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    • I have my humble friend, Derkeethus, who I saved from Darkwater Pass, where he had been captured by some Falmer, as a follower. I distract enemies once he goes down, which is a good method, because then he cannot die.

      He is the only Argonian who speaks kindly to me, as a fellow Argonian, and he is even the only Argonian who wishes to help me.

      J'zargo, however, I like to keep as a back-up, for when I need to dismiss Derkeethus. He is the rather amazing Battle-Mage, and he lasts much longer than other followers who I can't distract enemies from attacking.

      I may write my own story, much in the style of yours, on the Derkeethus wiki page.

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