• I have been unable to find page 6 in said building (see link below for wiki on page 6) after going back to it later to find the saught after page. In the initial visit I killed the skeleton next to the chest, so his ember remains are next to it, but I don't see the page through his remains either.  I've tried all the following suggestions, that I could find on the web, but all to no avail...

    1. shooting full drawn arrows in the undead remains

    2. using unrelenting force shout

    3. using destruction spells

    4. Leaving Soul Cairn and Returning (ember remains stay in place)

    I would super appreciate any ideas / knowledge / resolution concerning this problem.  I know it's happened to others out there.  The problem I have is that I went through all the quests and this is the last one I have, so I don't have a save thats prior to this issue occuring.  Thank you for any assistance.

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