• "In 3E 427 Volrina Quarra was slain, as a vial of her blood was wanted by both Mistress Dratha of House Telvanni and the Berne ClanAundae Clan then killed many of the remaining members of the clan"

    Is there any proof that this is actually canon or is this simply someone editing the page according to what happened during their playthrough?

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    • The Vampire clans in Morrwind were very hard to join so i never mannaged it. Looking around i found this quest so it does look like something the player did. The Morrowind pages here are a work in progress though.

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    • As to become vampire,

      Find one.

      Optionaly (might be of some use, in case) which faction is he member of (3 in the base, unmoded game).

      If alright, let him do.

      Make sure to heal you as to not die, after some time, kill him and go.

      If all went well, you should have been bitten at last once, and so, after some sleepps night, dreams then "vampire v0.8 (I guess, not sure anymore).

      Otherwise, yes, they are some other way (quests mostly) to become Vampire.

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