• When enchanting armor should I go for forty stamina or fortify stamina regeneration? Which is more useful. I like to use a lot of power attacks and I find that my stamina goes really quickly, which would be better for long fights?

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    • Stamina Regen: Regenerate faster

      Stamina: More stamina

      I would go for regen, because having more stamina is useful but the speed at which it regenerates is still the same. I'm not using a Warrior build, I'm using stealth so this is just an opinion.

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    • S Ryan wrote:
      When enchanting armor should I go for forty stamina or fortify stamina regeneration? Which is more useful. I like to use a lot of power attacks and I find that my stamina goes really quickly, which would be better for long fights?

      Okay, so add Absorb Stamina to your weapon, and then get Either of the two you're thinking about(I went with regen)

      Absorb Stamina with low drain lets you use at least one more power attack, which will absorb some more, and then you can do another power attack.

      I took Regen so that after the battle my stamina can fill up, also if they run out of stamina before they die, Regen can get you just enough to use another power attack.

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    • I love the stamina regen. However when I enchant my armor I put regen and fortify stamina on because I can. My advice to you  would be to get the double enchanting perk and put the 2 enchantments on your armor. Then put absorb stamina on your weapons so you will never run out of stamina

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    • I vote in favor of Alduin1996's answer.  If you can go that route, take it.  Otherwise I would suggest that you go based on your class choices.  If you're working a warrior and you have plenty of Stamina but you're just using it in big fights like crazy, then go regen all the way with absorb on weapons.  If you're a sneaky-type and have points across all three or just can't give up the health sometimes to take stam, then do a little mix of the two, more regen than fortify, with absorb on weapons.  If you're running magic-based and you happen to pull out a weapon or you want to be able to run like hell the next time that random third dragon appears in the sky for no stinking reason, then you should mix with more fortify than regen.

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    • As a player that is very much dependent on power attacks as a warrior, I find that choosing Stamina Regen or More Stamina is largely dependent on your current level. The level is fairly imperative as I find one’s play style through leveling shifts from doing many attacks over a large period of time to doing as much damage as possible in a shorter period of time.

      If you are a lower level character, your play style will tend to consist of longer battles which is where an improved regen is helpful to improve your overall endurance in the battle. This will also give you the ability to perform many attacks for more damage.

      In the event that you play a higher leveled character, you will want to do as much damage as possible in a shorter period of time to end the battle quickly, usually via power attacks. In this case, you are going to want to have more stamina to provide more initial power attacks for maximum damage in the shortest period of time possible.

      However, I should also note that if you want to put in the extra perks in enchanting, you can attain Extra Effect (assuming you play Skyrim) to put both enchantments on the same armour. I personally do not use either of these enchantments as I find using a weapon with Stamina Drain provides sufficient stamina for a battle.

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    • When I go down the stealthy route I enchant my armor with fortity stamina and fortify sneak. Along with my other enchantments it makes me unstoppable. When I play as a mage I enchant my robes with fortify magicka and whatever school of magic I use the most. Then I enchant a ring with that school to make the magicka cost as low as possible without making it nothing. so it is not a walk in the park.

      As psijicThief said it depends on your playstyle, but it also depends on the situation you are in. For example it is no good using a weapon that does fire damage when versing a flame antranoch

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    • Stamina regen, as for Magicka and Health regen, works on a % of your total Stamina pool. So each time your Stamina pool increases, so does the rate at which it is regenerated.

      Let's take a base magicka pool of 100. Magicka regen rate is 3% per second out of combat, meaning you regen 3.33 magicka each second. You are given choice between 2 headgears: one gives you 50 more magicka and the other 50% more magicka regen. 50% more regen seems better right? Wrong. If you wear the headgear that gives you 50% more magicka regen, you now regenerate 4.5 magicka per second. If you wear the headgear that gives you 50 additional magicka, your total pool is now 150 which is 50% more than it was before. As consequence of this, your magicka ALSO regenerates for 4.5 Magick per second which is 50% more regen than you had before as well.

      In conclusion: everytime you increase your Health/Stamine/Magicka pool, your H/S/M pool which is based on a % of your total pool increases as well.

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    • To add to the previous post, although your regen rate is percentage based it does still depend on level, and where you put your points into. At a cetain point, your pool being increase by a set amount (say 50) has less impact than a percentage (50%).

      Keeping to the previous example, it is true that at 100 Magicka it is better to do an increase of 50Magicka, rather than 50% Regen Rate. Though lets go up to a pool of 200. The regen rate is 6 per second (not 6.66, as 3% is 3 per 100). Increasing it by the same 50 extra to 250, but maintaining the 3% rate is 7.5 Magicka per second. However, a Pool of 200 with a rate of 4.5% is 9 Magicka per second, now faster at the cost of a smaller pool.

      From that point, the rate increase grows more and more superior to the set amount. Now, say the pool was 500, the Regen rate is now at 15 per second. Adding 50 to that to 550 would increase it to 16.5 per second. Changing the Regen rate to 4.5%, the pool of 500 gains 22.5 per second.

      Now, leaving the example of Magicka and returning to Stamina which this is all about. Stamina has a regen rate of 5%, compared to Magicka's 3%. Though the same rings true that after growing your pool through a few levels, the Regen Rate is more beneficial than a increase to the pool. Actually, the moment you level up and place one single set of 10 into the pool, it is more beneficial to do a % rather than a # of the same value. Though Naturally found items, Fortify Health/Magicka/Stamina gives 70 at the top tier, while Fortify Healing/Magicka/Stamina Regen Rate gives 50% at top tier. Which considering that, it ties up at a pool of 140 with an enhanced regen rate giving 6.3 per second (for magicka), while the pool increase of 70 would give the same rate with 210... so if having a small pool doesn't effect you, at this point regen is better. If you desire a larger pool, wait a few placements into the pool, and then the regen bonus would make up ground.

      As a final note, on my Ranger (Main Archer, side of Dual Swords) I currently have 300 Stamina (going to cap at 500). When I became overencumbered and using Power Attacks to move faster, I recalled having a necklace to boost regen by 20%. That regen increase was enough to almost limitlessly use power attacks. If I did run out, I would be able within a second. Though overall, taking that into account the Light Armor Perk Wind Walker increase Stamina regen by 50% while wearing a full set of Light Armor, which will be plenty of bonus to a pool of 500, In my opinion at least.

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