• Sometimes I hear that all undead are weak to fire.

    Other times I hear that they aren't, its just a better choice than frost (they have a resistance) or shock.

    Do they actually have a weakness to fire? (I know vampire do but I'm asking about all undead)

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    • undead do are weak to fire, skeletons for example, are dealt more damage with fire spells or enchantments, vampires as well. Zombies also, all undead have a weakness to fire. yes.

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    • any NPC's that are naturally undead(Dragur, skeletons, etc.) are weak to fire, barring some dragon priests. Raised dead, such as your own dead thralls, raised bandits, and subjugated ghosts take normal damage depending on their race.

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    • In general undead have resistance to cold and poison but a weakness to fire. Some spell casters (like the Priests) may have a resistance to magic though.

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