• Does anyone know if there are any chests in the thieves guild that do not refresh themselves every few days? I'm aware that the master tribute chest is unsafe, but does the safe you get after 125 jobs refresh? What about the chests in the training area? I've been unable to get Honeyside due to glitches in the becoming thane quests, so I would like somewhere in Riften that's safe for storage. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    • According to UESP The Ragged Flagon doesn't respawn so any containers there should be safe (as with anywhere you don't own though better test it first).

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    • When you enter the guild area (not the bar area), the 1st bed to the right is the only one available for sleeping, the rest are "owned" by other members. So i figured the chest by that bed, and the bed itself are ment for the player's use. 

      Though I haven't really checked out the period, i did use the chest for some minor stuff for quite some time, and nothing went missing. Also, i emptied it 1st, not sure does that count, but i guess it might be worth mentioning.

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