• First thing I want noted, I have no cosmetic height-changing mods. Those are a thing. I do not use them.

    So in-game I used the getscale command because I was curious. The Ebony Warrior's scale is "1.00 (with base 1.21)", meaning that he has to be a sub-race of Redguard, as he has a different race specific scale from every other male Redguard in the game. Either way, the page says 1.20, which is wrong. Tsun was way off. His scale was "1.30 (with base 1.34)" meaning that he is a regular Nord with a regular race specific scale of 1.03, just scaled up to 1.30, as confirmed by both setting his modified scale down to 1 and by spawning copies of him with the console, both of which come up with "1.00 (with base 1.03)". So both pages are wrong.

    In addtion the Races page mentions that Orcs and High Elves are tied for the highest race specific scale of 1.10. Even the Altmer page correctly says their scale is 1.08, and the Orc page correctly says 1.045. In fact, Dremora are the tallest NPCs to belong to a standard race, and they actually are 1.10. However, they are not playable, so I don't know which way to correct the page.

    The main reason I'm posting this here is because I want to be able to change the pages without challenge, as I imagine would probably happen. Someone would simply undo the edit, because the pages have been like that for so long. Also I would like someone to let me know which way to edit the Races page as I mentioned above. So, yeah.

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