• I just got upset with Dawnguard, many people find that DLC a marvel but I didnt.

    Random vampires killing my NPCs, I mean when a Legendary Dragon appears I can kill that dragon before he kills NPCs, but the vampires are destroying even Quest givers! Also their ashes NEVER dissappear. And I hate when I find them.

    The MAJOR reason that I got Dawnguard was because of Werewolf Perk-Tree and crossbow, I love to hack'n slash giants and dragons using werewolf and also exploring.

    But the thing is, Im going to deactivate Dawnguard and I want to know the difference between the Regular Skyrim Werewolf and the Dawnguard Werewolf (When I say Dawnguard werewolf, I mean the perk-tree).

    I tried to disable dawnguard and use werewolf perk tree but it didnt work.

    So I hvae 3 questions:

    1 - Regular werewolf is weaker than perk-tree werewolf? And if it is, does anyone know how much?

    2- If I level up more (Im lvl 51 now) my werewolf get as stronger as me?

    3- You find the werewolf totems without DLC, well... What the totems give you? (if you dont have the Dawnguard DLC).

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    • Notified, cause I want to read what people have to say about this.

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    • I imagine that as a werewolf with the perks, you would be far stronger than without since you get increased health, stamina, and damage output. I want to say with perks you do¬†twice as much damage, but I'm not completely sure on that number, and you get 100 more health and stamina with perks. Werewolf eventually becomes weaker than being non-shapeshifted as your armo rating increases, as werewolves have a base damage resistance. And the totems will still give different powers, but they just would not be modified by any perks.

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    • This is if you had all the perks before.

      You will deal only half the damage you did before.

      Instead of summoning werewolves with the totem of brotherhood you summon two wolf spirits(like summon familiar) they are weak and easily killed.

      Totem of Terror doesn't extend as far out, and stronger enemies are more likely to resist it.

      Totem of Hunt also reaches less distance, and it doesn't distinguish the differences in battle.

      you do not gain the 100 health and stamina you would have with the perk.

      Feeding heals half of what it did with the DLC.

      And I don't think you can feed off animals.


      In other words, you do less damage, your abilities are weaker, you have less health/stamina, you heal for less when you feed, and I think you can only feed off humans.

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    • i belive that you would be weaker so dawngard werewolf is beater then vinila if you want to say vinila if not werewolf without dawngaurd

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    • To me dawnguard and Skyrim in general should have had more more mods for the lycan players because with the vampires [disguisting] they got more things than the werewolf which was very dumb and that's why modders like brevi or nsjones had to create moonlight tales to compensate for what the developers did not do which was to give more skills to the lycans and to its players. But if their are any other modders right now creating new mods for the werewolf players let meknow.

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