• I made a blog post to talk about this issue here:

    I have been changing any articles I find that use "they" for the Dragonborn to "he or she", but recently one of my edits was essentially reverted. Rather than start an edit war, I thought we should have a discussion about it. Please read my blog post, and then weigh in either there or here.

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    • This has been argued over for centuries. There have been those who advocate using "they" as a gender neutral pronoun, regardless of the number of individuals involved, for centuries. There are many published works that do so.

      English, being a living language (unlike some others), is evolving. More and more, shorter forms of expression are edging out longer ones. Texting has accelerated this dramatically. We expect that, in the end, "they" or an entirely new word, will completely replace "he or she". 

      "He or she" is clumsy in our opinion, (for what that's worth), and we have been replacing it with "they" for many moons, as it is more succinct and no one has said anything about it to us.

      Of course, if it becomes part of this WIKI's style guidelines, we will use "he or she" if we can find no way around it. :-(

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    • I would like to see the source showing that "they" cannot be used in the singular tense regarding article neutrality. Writing research papers and using a college format throughout my schooling, I have always been taught to use "they" in appropriate cases when it becomes necessary to lead the reader into drawing their own conclusions for gender choice.

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    • OK, I read the Wikipedia article that DarthOrc sent me ( I have no desire to waste excessive amounts of time on something that is really trivial, so I am OK with using "they" as singular, as long as we are consistent.

      Can some admin update the official Policies and Guidelines page to spell this out? I think this should be added to the "Point of view" section (since this would not be an issue if we allowed the first or second person). I would suggest wording like this:

      When it is necessary or desirable to use a pronoun to refer to the player, in order to avoid the appearance of sexism, use the third person plural pronoun (e.g. "they," "their"). Do not use combined forms like "he or she," "(s)he," or "he/she," since they are clumsy and longer.

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    • I have updated the Point of view section as you requested. :)

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    • Cool. Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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