• I've reached a point in Dawnguard where I need to find Septimbus to find the Dragon Scroll, though I read that this is the same quest as a later main story quest (which I haven't done any progress in but the first couple of quests). The wiki said that it should be fine if I went ahead and did the quest now and it would just skip over the main quest Elder Knowledge when I get to it, but I plan on catching up the main story quest to get to it so I don't get confused later on. My actual question is that I was wanting to know if there are any big changes that happen if the storyline gets progressed that far (changes to cities, quests becoming undoable, etc)

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    • The main quest will progress normally. I did the Dawnguard questline before the main quest on one playthrough, it worked fine. After all, the only thing connecting the two questlines is the Elder Scroll.

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