• This doesnt matter a huge deal but I posted the 'Trivia' thing on this page and it got edited by a moderator. (cant remember their name) I checked their page to see why and the reason is incorrect. I said that the distant rumbling heard in Eastmarch can be heard in Solstheim for the same reason. The moderator said that the rumblingcomes from the waves. Im on Solstheim right now... Im near the Temple of Miraak and I hear it. You can even hear pebbles falling if you listen closely. Now Im no science major but Im pretty sure that waves cant be heard from like half a mile away. Let alone sound like a small earthquake from that distance.

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    • I'm not a moderator... and Solstheim is small. I've been in a lot of beaches; the waves could always be heard from afar.

      But you said you hear pebbles falling? Are you sure? If that's true, I can restore the info, if you want.

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