• The Adamantine Tower was supposedly built by the Aedra in the Merethic Era (ME 2500).

    The purpose of the Tower's construction was to convene and decide a punishment for Lorkan for tricking them into creating the mortal plane.

    The outcome of the Convention was to seperate Lorkan from his divine heart.

    According to the Elder Scrolls timeline, the Convention is the event that marks the end of the Dawn Era and the start of the Merethic Era.

    Okay, but...

    ...How can the Adamantine tower have been built during the Merethic Era if, by definition, the Merethic Era doesn't begin until the Convention takes place AFTER the tower's construction?

    Even if you say that the Merethic Era begins with the Tower's construction, would that not then make the construction year ME 0?

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    • No Era begins on a "xE 0" it goes from one Era to the next, like say this: "0E 500 goes to 1E 1"

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    • Okay you're right; I should've said ME 1.  But still...

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    • Theory One:

      Archeologists dated the Adamantia to be constructed at least 2500 years before the First Era. This is the earliest recorded thing in any Human or Mer history and because of this is marked as the beginning of the Merethic Era.

      Other sources though, claim that the Adamantia was actually built not only to discuss Lorkhan's punishment, but also to discuss the plans for the creation of Mundus. This dates it to a period before the existence of the Elhnofey (definitely the Dawn Era). There is also sources that conflict on when the Orsimer came to be, some sources state it was during the Merethic Era, others state that it was during the Dawn Era.

      The Early Merethic Era is also filled with giant historical gaps that could be seen almost like a Dragon-Break, which would describe the Dawn Era (Due to its nonlinear timeline).


      The Dawn and Merethic Eras converge (incorrect dating on Adamantia);

      With this conclusion it can be said that the early Merethic Era was actually part of the Dawn Era and is only considered part of the Merethic Era because mortal scholars determined that the earliest recorded date (Adamantia's construction) as the beginning of the Merethic Era despite taking place before the Convention.

      Theory Two:

      The actual date could be un-recordable;

      Since linear time did not start till the convention (which took place after the construction of Adamantia) it is probable that it is just plane impossible to put an actual date on the construction of the Adamantia (this is backed by the fact that no Dawn Era events actually have a date on them). It is very likely that ME2500 is the earliest recordable moment in history (the convention) and because of this Adamantia is dated to this year.

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    • It seems to me that it would be more appropriate to attribute the date ME 2500 to the Convention (since this is when time became linear) rather than the construction of the Tower itself.  What you have said makes a lot of sense though, so thanks for clearing that up!

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    • wrote:
      It seems to me that it would be more appropriate to attribute the date ME 2500 to the Convention (since this is when time became linear) rather than the construction of the Tower itself.  What you have said makes a lot of sense though, so thanks for clearing that up!

      Read my second theory again... that's exactly what I said.

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    • Right. I was just making the point that it would be more clear to say, for example: "The  Tower was built in the Dawn Age - some indeterminate amount of time before the Convention, which occured at least 2500 years prior to the First Era."  (As opposed to saying that the Tower was supposedly built circa ME 2500 - As both the Direnni Tower and timeline pages do now)

      Anyway this is probably all moot. How can you try to date an event that happened prior to the existence of linear time?

      Yeah...I'll shut up about it now.

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    • Sorry, I see what you were saying now. I just misunderstood you.

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    • Well, you have to consider that eras are not set in stone, they're merely concepts of time created by mortals. So sometimes it doesn't add up 100% due to the fact that when they Dawn Era ended and the Merethic Era began appears to debatable amongst historians. Considering how when you get this far back, history seems to be very poorly documented as Dovahsbrom said. 

      Something also worth noting is that Since this was the first landmark created by man or mer it could represent the very beginning of the Merethic Era, as most consider the Dawn Era the time when Lorkhan convinced the Aedra to create the mortal plane. Meaning, that after Nirn was created the Merethic Era may have "officially" begun. 

      Does that make sense? 

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    • Yeah, I understand what you mean.  Mostly folks just need to take these dates 'with a grain of salt,' so to speak; the early eras seem to be rather "murky" - a point that you and Dovahsebrom have made.

      Thanks for the input!

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    • you all have this a little mixed up

      The numbering for the Mythic era is like the numbering for BC.  ME 2500 is the first year of the Mythic era ME0 is the last year.  

      The tower was built in ME 2500 every other dated event occured after that.  

      To really clairify my point, one year after the building of the tower was ME 2400

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    • Czarking wrote:
      you all have this a little mixed up...

      Did you realy have to resurrect this thread, the last pos was almost 2 years ago

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