• To my understanding, Dagoth Ur used Blight in Morrowind to possess the citizens. Miraak, who is only an antagonist in the solstheim related DLC; taking place in Morrowind, also somehow takes control of the people. Miraak died one thousand yeard before the events of dragonborn (according to the dunmer at the earth stone), but Morrwind takes place, I believe, 400-600 years before. Miraak never really died, and has an ability to travel from apocrypha to Tamriel in a "state of flux." He may have¬†observed the actions of Dagoth ur and the Nerevarine, learning how the Blight is contracted, and using it, with a new source, being the elemental stones on Solstheim.

    If I'm wrong, tell me, I barely know what I'm talking about. 
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    • Well, you're wrong with a bunch of stuff.

      Miraak "died" (he didn't really die, but rather escaped to Apocrypha) in the early first or Merethic Era. This was c.a 4000-5000 years before the events in Skyrim happen.

      Miraak also doesn't use a "modified" form of the Blight, he uses the Bend Will shout to control the Stones on Solstheim and the minds of the people there.

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    • Yes he uses the All-Maker stones via that Bend Will shout that you use to cleanse them to control people in the area. There are enough of the Stones throughout Solstheim to control most of the population of the island. Also, the events of Morrowind actually take place 207 years before the events of Skyrim rather than 400-600 years.

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