• Be who you want and pursue your dreams. Talk about what problems face and good things that occur in your life. However, before you start playing I must need the following:

    Your Name:

    Your Race:

    Your Kingdom;

    Your Occupation:

    Your Backround Story:

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    • I am Teithio' dau', a traveling musician who is trying to start a new musical genre and a revolution to the ears and the heart.My race is an argonian and I am constantly put down because of my race. With my music I want to create a better life for my people and for all the other races, as well.

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    • Tell me about yourself.

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    • Very nice. Thank you for joining.

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    • Name: Hyrandill.   Race: Altmer.     Kingdom: Aldmeri Dominion.     Occupation: First Inquisitor to Aldmeri Royal Family.   Background:   My job is many fold. Much of it involves classified missions on Her Majesty's behalf. The other parts onclude dealing with moromic politicians and spineless aristocrats, enforcement of Aldmeri law, and 'reeducating' proplem individuals. :)

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    • Thanks for joining. I rwally appreciat it. :)

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    • typo: appreciate

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    • Your Name: Kyl'winirt'harnfirs (goes by Kyl followed by any of the ohter syllables)

      Your Race: Bosmer

      Your Kingdom; Independant

      Your Occupation: Hunter

      Your Backround Story: Kyl came to Skyrim to be able to openly operate again Thalmor forces using the war as a cover to not raise as much suspicion as he would in Valenwood or Cyrodiil. Together with other Bosmer refugees, as well as those of other races who oppose the Thalmor, Kyl works to protect those persecuted by the Thalmor as well as the Stormcloaks.

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    • Your Name: Sabrac

      Your Race: Breton

      Your Kingdom: No Kingdom

      Your occupation: Mercenary

      Your Background story: Sabrac is a pure merc and does not chose to fight for any sides in the civil war, Sabrac is known as an assassin and will accept anyone's money to kill a target. He is very focuesed on eliminating the target in front of him that he will not think to attend to anyone else. He intends to have all names on his list crossed off.

      Sabrac has travelled the world but has mostly stayed in Skyrim, he dislikes the Thalmor but doesn't mind accepting tasks from them. In combat he dual weilds and strikes in quick succession, he has an ability known as stigma which every time his swords cut the enemy their wounds keep getting worse over time and eventually kils them.

      Is this acceptable? I've never done anything like this so tell me if I did something wrong.

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    • Name: Hunrharth

      Race: Nord

      Kingdom: Skyrim

      Occupation: Dragonborn Warrior Hero :}

      Background :

      Born the 7th of Hearthfire 4E 175, in Imperial City, to immigrant nordic parents. Father who was a member of the Legion died during the sack of Imperial city by the Aldmeri Dominion while Mother was killed by the Thalmor because believing in Talos. Hunrharth while aged 25, went away to Skyrim to seek refugee from the Fellow Nordic Talos Believers, but he still can't escape the threat as a bigger threat comes. The Dragons are returning, while he also found out that he is the Dragonborn . And so he vanquished the World Eating Dragon and continue to fight against all threatening Dragons , Bandits , and other things that threats Skyrim. You know Like a Super Her :o .....

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    • Thanks for joining.

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    • Your Name: Marz

      Your Race: Redguard

      Your Kingdom; Independent

      Your Occupation: Assassin/Thief/Merc

      Your Backround Story:  Orphan, grew up with the sand beneath my feet and a desire to explore. Growing up I stole to eat, now I steal because I'am good. Skyrim was a easy choice with so much going on. Heard through the grapevine that the thieves guild was falling apart and that the Dark Brotherhood was still around. Money and Power is what I crave, been alot a places and one thing I do know is that any province in Tamriel won't be boring.

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    • Your Name: Alexander(the great)

      Your race: Breton

      Your Kingdom: High Rock(Former)/ Stormcloaks(Current)

      You Occupation: spellsword/soldier/assasain

      Your Background Story: As a young boy, I was stolen by a necromancer that planned to sacrifice me the name of a daedra, Molag Bau, I was take to Akivir where I was rescued by several Akiviri soldiers who trained me as a spellsword and sent me to hammerfell to become an Alik'r warrior. I was sent to Skyrim on a mission but was captured by imperials.

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    • Your Name: Grozal the Earthen

      Your Race: Argonian

      Your Kingdom: Thalmor occupied Cyrodil (Southern Cyrodil)

      Your Occupation: Farmer-turned soldier

      Your Backround Story: I was once a farmer, known for keeping crops growing even in the harshest of weather because of hard work and diligence. Didn't at first have a problem with the Thalmor, even ran small jobs for them in my free time, but when they tried to get me to renounce my faith in the Hist, I chose to fight and was forced to run north into the mountains of Skyrim. I joined the Imperials, while true I did not care for the Thalmor as much as before, I did not share the same hatered for them as the Nords, and I belived they fought the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. I made many friends in the Legion, and Tulius himself sometimes listened to my tactics when I shared them, so I quickly rose in ranks to serve at his side. I only hope that I can help in the reunification of Skyrim and find peace in the frozen north. 

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    • Your Name: Dar'kai

      Your Race: Khajiit

      Your Kingdom: Independent

      Your Occupation: Thief/Assassin/Smuggler

      Your Background Story: Dar'kai was born in the warm sands of Elsweyr just before his family and some other Khajiit were going to travel across Elsweyr and Valenwood in a caravan. The family was fairly poor and sold illegal things like Skooma, other narcotics and other things. They traveled around and slept at inns until they finally got a home in Riverhold. Dar'kai was about 12 years old when they moved from their home to another home in Rimmen. Then after some years Dar'kai left home and got into trouble. He joined a small group calling themselves "Golden Purses" they stole and sold the stolen things in a small caravan, Dar'kai remembers a friend he had, K'raz. Dar'kai usually stole with K'raz and they gained alot of money. Dar'kai also used Skooma. Finally they ended up caught and everyone got executed except for Dar'kai who luckily escaped with the loot, being highly wanted after stealing from the castle, he had to get away from Elsweyr. Dar'kai ended up staying in Black Marsh for some weeks, but left after getting annoyed by the reptiles and decided to go north up to Skyrim. His caravan he escaped in broke and got caught trying to cross the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim. After escaping Helgen, Dar'kai left Ralof who he escaped with and went to Riften where he hooked up with the Thieves Guild and now he lives there, doing jobs for the Guild.

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    • Your Name: Alkrox Krusius

      Your Race: Nord

      Your Kingdom; Liberated Skyrim

      Your Occupation: Barbarian/Warrior for the Stormcloaks

      Your Backround Story: I grew up in Helgen, learning the smithing trade from my father when I came of age. As my skills got better, I got happier and thought of making of life through blacksmithing. But then, the Thalmor came. My family still worshipped Talos, against the wishes of the pompous elves and sodding milk-drinking imperials. They broke down the door and killed my father on the spot, my mother they bound and dragged her away, saying something about "useful later". My brother took up my father's hammer and struck one down, cracking his head open. One of the other Thalmor cast a fire spell, immolating him on the spot. I stayed hidden under my bed, watching the dead bodies of my family laying on the floor, smelling the burning flesh of my brother. Hours past and I finally crawled out, rushing over to check on my father, who was long dead. I admit, I broke down in tears and rage flew within me and I lost control. When I came too, I was in the Imperial outpost, with my brother's woodcutting axe, surrounded by five Thalmor bodies, bloodied and hacked appart. I found my mother's raped and murdered body in the fort and gave her a proper burial, hoping to see her in Sovngarde. I fled after that, made work as a mercenary, forged my own weapons and armor, and finally returned to Skyrim, hearing of this Ulfric Stormcloak's claim to the throne of the High King. Now here I am, on the back of a sodding wagon, next to the very man I wished to join, heading back to my home where my crimes first started, getting lined up for the chopping block to finally end.... until we all heard a strange noise......"

      Yeah, I guess I kinda went journal style on that one xD

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    • Name: Edio the Blindblade

      Your race: Breton

      Your Kingdom: Skyrim

      Your occupation: Wandering Battle-Mage

      Your Background Story: As a young boy Edio lived on a farm with his family. It was a peacful happy life, then everything change in one night. Bandits attacked his home killing his mother and father, as well as all of Edio's siblings. The last one blinded Edio with a hot poker across the eyes. He would have died that night had a Battle-Mage not wondered by. The Battle-Mage, Kristof, fought off the bandits and saved Edio, healing his wounds but could not give Edio his sight back. Kristof took Edio in and trained him as his own, teaching him martial arts and the art of Magika. Edio now wanders Skyrim, offering healing services to those in need. He accepts no payment for these things and will often give his blade to people in need of aid. He has always had a strong sence of justice and tries to do the right thing whenever possible. He uses his accute senses as well as his grand grasp of Magika to give him a different kind of sight. After he attempted to leave Skyrim to help some of the refuges fleeing Morrowind to escape the Red Montain, He was caught in a skermish between Imperial troops and the Stormcloak Rebels.

      He was going to die had it not been for the attack of a dragon at the opertune time. Edio escaped and now finds himself in the middle of a destiny he cannot begin to fathom. He joined the Mage's College to gain more skill in Magic and quickly rose to the rank of Arch-Mage due to the events with the Eye of Magus. Even so he feels the draw of his destany and will soon answer the Gray Beards call, for he must know what it means to be Dragonborn.

      Edio is not really loayl to one side of the war or the other, but when push came to shove he choise the imperials. He didn't like Ulfric's idea of a "Nords only" Skyrim. He believe's that Skyrim should be free for all people and that Ulfric needed to be stopped for the greater good.

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    • Your Name: Ronan Lamarisk

      Your Race: Half Breton/Half Imperial (I have two versions of this character, with both races as described-pick your poison)

      Your Kingdom; The Mede Empire, Skyrim, Hammerfell

      Your Occupation: Revolutionary and Battle-Mage within the borders of the Empire

      Your Backround Story: Both blessed and cursed with being the son of the Hero of Kvatch, his father became a Vampire and a Daedric Prince by the end of his days of Adventuring-while also making Ronan an enemy of the Third Aldmeri Dominion. Always tempted to turn back from the Empire he's served proudly for 20 years-Ronan refuses and serves the Empire as a Shadow in the midst of conflicts in the border states of High Rock, the newly independent Hammerfell, Orsinium, and most recently Skyrim-striving to become the new face of the Empire and undermind the new Mede Dynasty-with the Ultimate goal of striking him Titus Mede down and taking the throne with either himself or General Tulius on the Throne as the new Emperor of Tamriel.

      Though not originally phased by the ban of the Worship of Talos, Ronan actively proffeses his belief in the Hero of Skyrim in order to goad the Thalmor into attacking him without self-provocation. He is a former foot soldier of the Imperial Army, and still has active ties with the Empire without actively associating with them. 

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    • Your Name: Revan Drogo

      Your Race: Khaajit-Daedra offspring

      Your Kingdom; Elsweyr

      Your Occupation: Imperial Legate/Necromancer/Smith

      Your Backround Story: I was born long ago, during the Dragon War. My mother was a worshipper of Hircine, who dispatched a Dremora to impregnate my mother with me, the Daedric Khaajit. My mother died upon giving birth, leaving my with only my "father" to guide me through life. He taught me the use of One-Handed Weapons, Heavy Armor, Conjuration, Destruction, and Archery. In my early teens, I finally learned of the Dragon War, and begged my "father" to help me fight the Dragons. He accepted, but said that I must first become a Werewolf, and realize my full power as a Daedra. He soon had me transforming into a Daewolf (Daedric Werewolf), and was helping me raise legions of undead Werewolves, Werebears, and Draugr Deathlords. Once my army had grown to sufficient size, we went west to Cyrodiil, where I began my private war on the Dragon Cult. I slaughtered many a Dragon Priest, and my "father" showed me how to use a Dragon's bones to make a Shrine to Hircine. Once I had made a Shrine, Hircine communed with me, and told me how I was Dragonborn, which confused me horribly. He told me that with all these bloods within me were combining to make one of the most powerful beings alive. Dragonborn, Daedra, Werewolf, and Khaajit all combined to make me the most feared Dragon-slayer. I had soon devoured dozens of Souls, and my legions annihilated any Dragon Cult forts within Cyrodiil. After 10 years of this, I brought my armies north, and we slowly ripped through the Dragons' legions of Vampires, Reavers, Ash Spawn, Daedra, Atronachs, and Thralls. Once we had regained the southern portion of Skyrim, I divided my army into fourths: one would go west to free the Reach and Haafingaar, one would go east to free the Riftand Eastmarch, one would go north to free Whiterun, the Pale, Hjaalmarch, and Winterhold, while I myself would lead the rest to Solstheim to free the island from Miraak, the First Dragonborn, and Traitor To His Kind. I can only guess that my West, North, and East armies were successful in inciting rebellions against the Cult and freeing those Holds, but I see no sign of my great forts and cities. I do know, however, that my Solstheim Campaign was a success, since I was there, and am now here. The rest of my story will be recorded in another volume.  


      (wow I did ALOT more than I meant to in the first place.)

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    • Name: Dar'Khiraa

      Race: Khajiit

      Kingdom: Stormcloak

      Occupation: Assassin

      Backround: My caravan was attacked when I was about 12. My mom was killed and I fled. I went to join the Dark Brotherhood, and happily worked for them for four years. When I was 16, the Dark Brotherhood was destroyed. I went to Windhelm to join the Stormcloaks, and found my brother, Do'Maden. We ended up finding our dying father, and we both became Stormcloaks. We were in Darkwater Crossing when the imperials brought us to Helegen, where Do'Maden was executed. I escaped Helegen with Ralof and later discovered I was dragonborn. Now I live happily in Markarth with my two adopted daughters, Runa and  Lucia.

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    • Your Name: Aurik'r

      Your Race: Khajiit

      Your Kingdom: ----

      Your Occupation: Dragon Hunter / Dragonborn Adventurer

      Your Background Story: I was just a cublet when I washed up upon Skyrim. I hadn't had any parents, after the assassination, and hadn't yet learned to talk yet. I was raised by a woman, a Nord in Riverwood. She was so kind and gentle, and so, I grew up into a strong lad. At the age of 12, I had started gettin' the racial insults and smart remarks, especially from the guards and the other kids. When I was 18, a dragon had attacked the town, everything burning in massive flames. I had tried to stop it, but one man cannot fight a dragon without help. I swiped the dragon with my sword, but he just slashed my arm, and I passed out. When I woke up, I was being lifted in a carrige, by a stranger Khajiit. We had gotten along, talked, 'n' everything, 'till another stranger hopped aboard, and something felt strange 'bout this stranger...

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    • Your Name: Cacci Veno

      Your Gender: Male

      Your Race:Imperial

      Your Kingdom;Cyrodil

      Your Occupation:Blacksmith

      Your Backround Story: I was born in Cyrodil, my Parents each serving the Emperor and had their own quarters in the White-Gold Tower. My father a Blacksmith, My mother a Royal Guard. When my Mother was killed for His Majesty, My father couldn't handle himself. He soon quit his job, abondaned me. After months of drinking, he soon comitted suicide. Then I was there, alone. No Job. No Money. The little skill my father taught me before- Ya' know. I soon got a letter from the Jarl of Whiterun which read

      Dear Cacci, I have heard of your mother's great deed to the Emperor. Now, The reason Im sending this to you is, On her will, she owed you money. 10,000 coins. Now, we have it in our treasury, and you will also be given free lessons by Eorlund Gray-Mane of the Skyforge.

      I left for Skyrim, intending for a better life. As I reached the broder, I saw colors that weren't the Imperials' 

      I heard war cries. Then everything went black.

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    • Name: Ragnthor of the Isles

      Gender: Male

      Race: Nord

      Kingdom: Skyrim(Empire)

      Occupation: Farmer, Thane of Whiterun, Former Legate, Dragonborn(sometimes)

      Backstory: Ragnthor was born and raise on a farm just outside of Whiterun. He had an older brother. His father was the last Thane of Whiterun and had been a Legate in the Legion and he never really knew his mother, she died in while he was still young. Growing up he worked on the farm and learned to be a warrior from his father. Over the years he fell in love and finally slept with Lydia. Then his world fell apart. At the age of 18 his father died and his brothers wife chased him out. So he left Skyrim to wander all over Tamrial. After 8 years of wandering he had the urge to return home. He hoped he would be able to pick up some of the pieces he left on the ground when he left. He was 2 days acrossed the border when he heard the sounds of a fight. He drew his sword and charged into the fray, helping the outnumbered group. Suddenly something slammed into the side oh his head and all went dark. The next thing he knew he was in the back of a wagon, sitting across from an old friend.

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    • Name: Bralok Bearclaw

      Gender: Male

      Race: Orc

      Kingdom: None

      Occupation: Nomad

      Backstory: Unknown...I awoke up in a pool of my own blood 6 yrs ago by a husky licking my face, but my wounds had been healed. My helmet gone, but still in my armor with my weapons at my side, I roused, my head was swimming could not remember anything... I've been searching everywhere for who I was and where I came from, and just recently decided it was not worth the heartache. I've become a nomad; moving from area to area, defending myself and others, and scavenging for my food by hunting and looting abandoned homes. Once while traveling I helped save this Stormcloak Soldier from a bear attack, using my bare hands I broke its neck. I told him what happened to me and how I awoke. He told me I was from this day forth to be called Bralok Bearclaw for my heroic defeat of the bear. He asked if I wanted to join the Stormcloaks to which I declined. Never really been much for politics...Ive been traveling ever since.

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    • Name: Tago Gender: Male Race: Wood Elf Kingdom: None Occupation: Adventurer

      Backstory: His parents were warriors defending their village against a raid by the Dominion and were killed. A young Tago was taken prisoner and hauled off and sold as a slave. Tago was raised in captivity and eventually sold to a master in Riverwood. His master in Riverwood was anything but kind. His face and body bears the scars of his time as a slave. After having his jaw and multiple ribs broken by his owner over a misunderstanding, Tago snapped. Unable to control himself any longer, Tago gutted his owner with a knife, smearing the blood on his body and face as if in a ritual. After his rage subsided and still covered in blood, he stumbled into Riverwood from the plantation and was promptly arrested. Tago and was sentenced to die in Helgen for the savageness of his crime. After escaping the unrelenting brutality of his time as a slave for his former owner and the blood bath at the hands of the dragon, Tago was determined to never be taken advantage of again. The black palm print tattoo that covers his face is proof, representing the bloody hand print covering his face when arrested. Through training, travel, and anger Tago was able to master most martial and some arcane skills. With his skills honed and anger focused, he travels.

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    • Name:Tacius (I wanted name at least a little like those from TESIII Morrowind)



      Kingdom:Skyrim (Imperial Legion)

      Occupation:Veteran soldier

      Backstory:Born in Windhelm.His parents,they were both Imperals too, were alchemists.He hated Windhelm: Nords in there didnt care, even hated every other race. When his parrents were searching for nirnroots, bandits captured them, and used as a slaves. He asked Ulfric to send someone to help them ,but Jarl didnt send no one, not even a single person. Then, when he grow up he killed the bandits and freed his parents, then joined the Legion, to free Windhelm from Ulfric.

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    • Eh... when its gonna start?

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    • Wow, this was my first I edit ever made on the wiki. I don't think it's an actual RP, just a place to put down characters. 

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    • Actually we're starting a quest tomorrow. As someone in middle school I am busy, but I have found some time.

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    • Hi. Everyone. Its Blackodinist. I have changed my account and am very excited to start careers tomorrow. (quest)

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    • Hey do we can take races like falmers,goblins etc. (Unplayable) , Or those like Sload? (Only 1 or few seen in the game, or not even one)

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    • Of course you can.

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    • Name: Anursa

      Gender: Female

      Race: Kajiit

      Kingdom: none

      Occupation: part of trading caravan

      Anursa was born into a trading buisness, and was trained as a cub to bargain. It was only natural that she started her own trading group, hired three of her friends, and got started on buisness. If she were allowed in cities, she would probably be wealthy from trading, but instead she travels about, selling goods and occasionally returning to Elsweyr to find more items. if she has access, she will enchant valuable items. Recently she ran into a rough patch, and doesnt have as much gold as normal.

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    • Cub is the right word for a young Kajiit?

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    • Name: Aren Smith

      Gender: Male

      Race: Nord

      Kingdom: none (hails from Winterhold)

      Occupation: Miner

      Aren was born on the 27th of the last seed in 4E 179 in Winterhold. He was born into a family of mixed educations. his Father (4E 144-4E 189) was an adventurer intrested in the Dwemer and his mother, an alchemist. When he was 10, his father left to find the atherium forge and he never came back. he was schooled at the college of winterhold until he was expelled at the age of 17 after stealing both volumes of The Lusty Argonian Maid. a few weeks later, his house collapsed and his mother died of rockjoint. he then got everything together and traveled to windhelm. when he arrived he enlisted into the stormcloak army and lberated skyrim. Aren is 23, and now lives at Hjerm on his own, and works in the ebony mines on Solthseim.

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