• I know this is a question that normally isn't in the wiki, but i'm very desperate. I have searched for build about that, but i had found none. You can create a character card here if you want to help me. The best character card i see, i'll use it.

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    • skills: One handed, Smithing, Sneak, Archery and Alchemy for mains!!!

      Perks:One Handed: Armsman 3, Bladesman 2, Fighting Stance

      Smithing; Steel smithing, Ebony smithing

      Sneak: ANY SNEAK PERKS!!!!

      Archery: Critical shot 2, Eagle eye

      Alchemy: ANY ALCHEMY PERKS!!!!

      Race: Dark elf

      DATS IT MAN!!! DATS IT!!!

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    • It's over a year late but on PC this mod would help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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