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    I suggest we remove all spolier tags from the Wiki, for multiple reasons. One, is that we're supposed to be giving information on the Wikis, one day to do this is by giving spoilers sometimes. People who go on here should probably know this, and if they really don't want any spoilers, they shouldn't be researching stuff in the first place. I personally think it serves very little purpose and overall does more harm then good. What do you think? 

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    • This should not require a vote as we already decided a while back that if the purpose of this wiki is to provide information, spoilers are inherent and should be expected. We should already be removing spoiler tags on sight, including ESO pages.

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    • Okay, I didn't know that, you should close this Forum, since it's kind of worthless since it's already been decided. 

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    • I just saw Ikabite's post on the CT about spoiler tags. Not sure why these tags have been brought up again after their abolishment. I understand ESO is a new game, but people should be aware that there are spoliers in many ESO article right now. Don't want spoliers - stay away from game related boards, chats and wikis.

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    • I completely agree. This is not the first time Ikabite has brought up previously abolished rules. For example, he says that you should never put the game in the article under any circumstances, when that actually only applies for character articles. 

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