• I hung out with the "Blades", that old fart Delphine in fact, who calls herself "the Blades", and as you know: First it's about kicking a lot of Thalmor buttocks at their embassy. It's something that most of us would do even without being asked, so I don't regret that part.

    Then, I took charge to bring her new recruits. I chose from my finest followers, naturally, because back then I was still imagining the Blades as being as respectable as the Dawnguard. First I brought them Erandur because I thought the Sky Haven Temple and the Blades would be a better home for him than the abandonned Nightcaller temple with all the bad memory it represents for him.

    Then, and just as I was mindlessly bringing poor Kharjo to enslave him too in Delphine's "Blades" cult, I've got a shock:

    I am abruptly asked by those two "Blades" to kill my harmless and helpful Paarthurnax as to "serve justice", according to their twisted mindset.

    There is only one Dragon is Skyrim who never attacks you. Then, he and his Grey-Beards students teach you the Th'um and words of power, then he empowers you against Alduin and other Dragons and then he fights Alduid by your side.

    Blades: "Kill that one!".  Why?  "Justice is justice".

    Some justice you have! No imperial text of law. No law from any other kind. No investigation. No trial. No lawyer. No jury. No proof. No witness. No jurisprudence. No authorisation for Delphine and Esbern to act as judges. No aggressive behaviour from Paarturnax necessitating to kill him. No nothing.

    No nothing; And for me, No refusing taking part in their summary "court", and No refusing the executioner's role. They are the Judges and, according to their craze, I am the the executioner ...and don't say "No" to them, "if you are not with us, you are against us", now be a good, nicely brainwashed cult-minded follower, and OBEY!

    Arngeir was right, the Blades are arrogant. Arngeir was too polite to say that the Blades are in fact a**h*les.

    Heck! Even the Thalmors got better manners than the Blades.

    I am no longer interested in Delphine accepting to talk to me, in response to this, it is I who will never again talk to her, even if she does. I'd rather talk to a Thalmor about Talos. I don't need her and I don't need her quests. I will no longer let myself exploited by those two trashbags or do their dirty work, for free, on the pretext that "They are the Blades, and the Blades are meant guide the Dragonborn; you know?....".

    I will now desactivate their "essential" status, and as the next Dragon or Thalmor group attacks me, I'll let them follow me right into Delphine's and Esberns' new nest. They are sworn to Fight with Thalmors and Dragons after all, isn't it? So, enough hiding!

    Yet, above all, I do want my follower Erandur back and out of the Blades' messy faction. He has been there for just one day and yet he is no longer sane, he doesn't stop talking about his pledge of honor to fight dragons. Even Vermina's cult didn't mess him so bad. What did they do to him? How do you revert his indoctrination with the the Blades faction? And can you assign him to the "temple-of-Mara-faction", where he should belong, instead of the Blades or the lonely and abandoned Nightcaller temple of Vermina?

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    • Every time when the truce is agreed at High Hrothgar and everybody gets up (when Delphine tries to approach me saying how "they know who Paarthurnax is" and bla bla), I run! She´ll never get to talk to me again! Ever! And I won´t get the quest to kill Paarthie.. problem solved, no more arrogant blades.. blade who? Sorry I don´t know them :)

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    • Yes, but how do you stop an NPC from belonging to a faction?

      How do you make an NPC belong to another faction?

      Erandur is now with Delphines and Esbern. There is somewhere a console command to turn him as he was.

      There ought to be a console command to set this.

      If there was a dialog, I should have told Erandur: "Delphine lied to me, she said will assist the Dragonborn as a Blade".  ... "Yes, are a Blade yourself now, you were from the first day we met since you assisted me; but now Delphine and Esbern are fired, they turned their backs on the Dragon born, stop being with them and stop residing in the Sky Temple Haven Temple".

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    • While I totally agree that killing Paarthurnax is wrong you have to see it from Delphines point of view too. She's afraid that the Greybeards(and to an extent the Dragonborn) have become something like a new version of the dragon priests.

      The following is from the dragon priest page on this wikia: Dragons embraced their role as god-kings over men, but rather than deal with the actual ruling itself, they granted small amounts of power to dragon priests in exchange for absolute obedience. It is never actually stated anywhere but i think its safe to assume that the absolute obedience is something like a permanent bend will-shout, since the dragon priests still protect their lairs/catcombs after their deaths. 

      So I think Delphine is just deathly afraid of that Paarthurnax has manipulated the Greybeards and the Dragonborn and that when Alduin is dead he(Paarthurnax) will take Alduins place and with the Greybeards and Dragonborn under his command he would be unstoppable. So she puts the ultimatum on the Dragonborn: kill Paarthurnax or get shunned by the Blades. 

      Now IF this is remotly accurate do I think her motives are justified? Heck no! If I could I would bring her up to Paarthie and let him sentence and judge her.

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    • Paarthy isn't simply a dragon, though.  He was Alduin's officer for the dragon wars.  That is what he is being punished for.

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    • I agree with Krow Dawnstar on this one... good deeds dont erases bad ones

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    • Paarthy,is  the only dragon worth bring alive.He taught you Yol/Tor/Shul and yet you Low-lives kill him.In-fact the Thalmor whom are scum deserve better then the blades.

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    • Thieving-Sneaking-Hunter wrote:
      Paarthy,is  the only dragon worth bring alive.He taught you Yol/Tor/Shul and yet you Low-lives kill him.In-fact the Thalmor whom are scum deserve better then the blades.

      So true.

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    • buump

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    • I did they same thing on my first playthrough, what i did was i made the one blade that i liked the most a steward at my lakeview house, they other two were forever lost to that cult.

      But even that helps only a little because they still spout that blades s**t everytime you talk to them.

      I dont do the civil war and I will never kill Paarthurnax no matter how many times I play

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    • I don´t know what´s with ya´ll. I´ve killed Paarthurnax numerous times by now on most of my playthroughs. I don´t care if he helped me or commited atrocities during the Dragon war. I don´t care about the blades.

      A dragon soul is a dragon soul and a quest is a quest. It´s that simple.

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    • And thats the point, there are plenty of other dragon souls out there.

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    • And Paarthurnax´s is one of the easiest to get.

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    • And thats the point, to easy.

      I get a rush trying to kill a dragon, I earn my souls.

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    • HahnDragoner523 wrote:
      And Paarthurnax´s is one of the easiest to get.

      Ok so when out hunting you wait for the deer to lie down at your feet "becourse it is easy"?

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    • no. And to the topic, OP you OP you cant   without console commands

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    • @Faasnu:

      Basically yes. Hunting is not about some weird "honor and glory"-thing. It is about the efficient and clean kill. The deer is not supposed to get anything like a "fighting chance" - it is supposed to get a death that is as quick and painless as possible. In most cases that is not at all easy to set up.

      "The last thing you never see coming." The sniper´s motto is also the hunter´s.

      Back on topic - One of the extremely weird design decisions Bethesda made.

      To me it ranks right up there with not being able to join the Silver Hand - They may be thugs, but that is nothing a strong leader could not remedy and Hircine IS A F**ING DAEDRA-Lord.

      To protect people from his followers is a worthy goal in my book. Remember what Sinding did and don´t tell me you have control. You have all the control Hircine gives you - on HIS whim alone.

      The other decision I did not get to make was killing Serana outright. Do I know it is basically a misguided Emo Teen when I wake it? I know it is a freaking Vampire, someone who traded life itself for loyalty to another DAEDRA-Lord. Molag Bal in this case. Even the Dunmer had enough sense to class that one into the house of troubles.

      So all of a sudden, when it matters the most this free and open world suddenly is a railroad.

      And yes, after I heard the plan to kill Paarthie I was about to FUS-RO-DAH them for being that conceited.

      Good deeds don´t cancel out bad deeds, so much is true, but revenge is not justice, that is the other truth. And has Paarthie not shown to truly repent over thousands of years of lonely vigil on top of his mountain? Who but he himself even remembers what he has done so long ago it is legend rather than history?

      Compare the conspirators of the 20th of July 1944, when a group of Adolf Hitler´s top Lieutenants finally broke with their leader and tried to assassinate him - unsuccessfully. They are widely considered heroes because they mustered the courage to act at all, as belated and as inadequate as their action was. They were beyond judgement too, because they failed and they paid the ultimate price. The same would have happened to Old Paarthie "My teeth to his neck!" as Alduin put it. Had this group of resistance fighter he fostered been discovered early or failed in the final battle he would have been next.

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    • It's actually not about revenge. At least, I don't think it is. It's not about the fact that he's a dragon either.

      It's about the fact that he's a Greybeard.

      See, if it was just that he was a dragon -- even Alduin's top lieutenant -- wouldn't they be asking you to kill Odahviing? Think about it: Odahviing has done all the exact same things as Paarthurnax -- oh, except the whole being hand-picked by Kynareth, helping in the final battle, and spending thousands of years alone meditating as penance thing. Odahviing just figured "eh, the boss is losing. Might as well throw in with the winning side." I mean, nothing against Odahviing, here, but if we're going to talk about distrusting dragons...

      So I think that the Blades' grudge against Paarthurnax is about nothing more than the fact that he's a part of a rival order.

      By the way, when did the whole Blades/Greybeard feud start anyway? I mean, as far as I know, there haven't been many of the shouty-shouty-dragon-soul-absorbing subset of Dragonborn recently (as opposed to the emperor-dragonfires-Dragonblood subset), so when did they even have a chance to be rivals in teaching them? Prior to the events of Skyrim, weren't the Blades mostly just an order of royal bodyguards, in the absence of a Dovahkiin proper?

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    • Nice point there.

      Do you think they would further take matters into their own hands after the Dragonborn obliges their insane request and kills the most powerful greybeard?

      Like covertly doing the black sacrament...

      Astrid:"Hail Sithis, oh dragonborn listener as you are good friends with them greybeard dudes we thought you might like to do this contract yourself."

      Dragonborn: "You are joking, right?"

      Astrid:"No, this is for real, some punks who call themselves the blades..."


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    • I'll agree that Delphine is a b****, but Paarthurnax deserves to die. Not because he's a dovah. Not because he's a Greybeard. Not because he killed/enslaved, like, 1,000,000 people.

      He betrayed his brother.

      He was Alduin's lieutenant or whatever. Alduin liked him, trusted him, gave him power, made him second in command. And this backstabbing (backShouting?) bastard betrayed him.

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    • @

      Epic Fail.

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    • Paarthurnax shouldn't die, as he said "Is it better to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort"? He helps you and without him Alduin would've ended the world.

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    • Or how about the fact that the Blades ARE SUPPOSE TO SERVE THE DRAGONBORN. They dont get to "command" him/ her

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    • ^Very true, contributor,  very true indeed.

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    • @Kestrellius The Blades think that the Greybeards are afraid of the Dovahkiins/Dragonborns power and won't use it for its purpose: slaying dragons. Delphine claims that all you would do is "Stare at the sky or whatever it is that they do". While the Dragonborn is the only one that can slay dragons perminately by absorbing their soul (which is what the Greybeards usually overlook), they also are the only ones that can learn shouts/Thu'um very quickly.(Which is what the Blades overlook.)

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    • I love killing Paarthurnax in every game I play. All hail the blades!

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    • I chose not to kill Paarthunax. Let's break down this argument by looking at the roots of both the Blades and Paarthunax.

      The Blades started out as Akaviri warriors living in Akavir and created the Dragonguard, which was meant as the Akaviri people's defense against the dragons that were native there. It was a response to the threat the dragons were, not the potential threat. When the Dragonguard encountered Reman Cyrodiil and discovered he was Dovahkiin, they pledged their lives and service to him. Thus came the Blades and their subservience to the Dragonborn they were searching for. Now, Reman became the first Emperor of Tamriel, and subsequently all of his descendants had dragon blood, which was what made the Blades the protection force of the Emperors. Add in that with the first defeat of Alduin, most dragons either scattered or were hunted by Reman and the Blades. Thus, the Blades were guardians and servants of the Dragonborn, for their own prophecies fortold them of the Dovahkiin and his/her thu'um. 

      Paarthurnax started out as all dov do, bending to those whose thu'um was mightiest. For remember, to a dov, Strength is Truth. Might is Right, essentially. Among the dov, Alduin was strongest and so Paarthunax followed him as his lieutenant. Paarthurnax was not Alduin's true brother, for he is not a World-Eater or World-Savior or any such similar status, though he may be able to claim that he was "Second Born". Regardless, he did follow Alduin's creed, and when the Dragon War raged he at first razed the lands of men and slew thousands alongside other dragons. However, when Alduin proclaimed himself a god and Kyne asked him to aid mankind, he turned from him and helped mankind. Without Paarthurnax's aid, the Dragon War would have lost to Alduin and his Dragon Cult. Since then, he retired to the Throat of the World to hold in check the instinct for Dominance that all dov have, and with Jurgen Windcaller, created the Greybeards, which preached using the thu'um as a means for meditation and glorification of the gods. He spent thousands of years meditating in seclusion. Then, when the Greybeards allowed the Last Dovahkiin to ascend to the peak of High Hrothgar and meet with him, he gave the Dragonborn much wisdom and guidance, and played a key role in destroying Alduin.

      Now, when Delphine gives the order to kill Paarthurnax, she uses his past sins and the fact the Greybeard's "fear" the Dovahkiin's power as reasons. Granted, Paarthurnax has blood on his talons, and that will never change, but by defying his own innate nature and aiding both mankind and the Dovahkiin, he has at least worked for his continued life, in my opinion. Now Delphine is another matter. Her role is meant to be subservient to the Dragonborn, to protect him and obey him akin to a housecarl. Esbern is an archivist who holds knowledge of the ancient Akaviri. If Reman and the ancient Blades did not hunt down Paarthurnax--if the Ancient Nord Heroes after the defeat of Alduin did not slay Paarthurnax once his usefulness was over-- THERE IS NO WAY THAT SUCH AN ORDER CAN BE GIVEN BY THESE TWO BY THESE FACT ALONE! That's akin to Lydia ordering around her Thane, or the Jarls ordering the High King. By refusing to help the Dragonborn since they wont kill Paarthurnax, not only does she violate her oath that her predecessors gave to Reman and their prophesized Dovahkiin, but she also endangers all of mankind since, in-game, dragons still attack the holds of Skyrim since most go their own way [we cannot become the new Thuri of the dragons and few will obey Paarthurnax, as noted by Odahviing] and the Dragonborn is left to defeat them on their own, with at best the help of a few hold guards and a follower. In conclusion, f**k Delphine and these renegade Blades. My thu'um to their flesh!

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    • It may seem unfair but Delphine did ask "Are you sure?" before giving them the oath to slay all Dov.

      This is simple ... the Blades are Dov killers, is no different than the Silver hand killing werewolves, or the Vigilants and Dawnguard killing vampires, etc... although the Dawnguard compromise their priciples - I suppose they lack some credibility, pretty much like the companions, who keep propagating the mistake they made with witches and ritually induct their inner circle to serve hircene? I mean for real - just stop drinking beast blood, kill the Harbringer and pick a new one. ;) 

      Which brings us to another points... 

      The Companions - who beat up people and sell-sword for coin but do so in some weird up-front way they deem to be honorable, even if being moonborn. 

      The Blades - Slay dragons exterminate them all.

      The thieves guild/nightengales - rob, steal and extort to the tune and support of deadra Noctunal.

      Dark brotherhood - assainate for hire... what always got me was it's apparent you may need to kill someone to hire these people in a black sacrifice to begin with, so why not just kill the person you wished assasibated instead?

      Stormcloaks - bigot nords who distrust magic and hate mer typically due past relations over lands, but rally a fight for their religious freedom. Still the politocal landscape of Jarldoms  (do not know why some lands are label march - no marques), While feudal in respects they attain fairness in ideas of one on one combat between rulers in disputes and fealty via a moot for high-king reminds one of old Polish commonweath of 15th century... a step towards democracy.

      Imperials - force the wishes of the empire (emperor) at any costs to maintain political control over all.

      Thalmor - seeking mer dominion over other races, killing off thier own Altmer to gain themself the power to do so. In turn aim to overthrow the empire.

      The Dunmer - worshipers of Azura, Meridia, (good Deadra?) ... not much different than the reachmen in many respects... with exception of higher level cultural aspects common with long lived mer.

      even the College if Winterhold is not without it's flawed view on life and happiness...

      We could state faction after faction they're all somewhat evil in respects to some end in reaching what they percieve as goal... 

      ALL the same...

      Exception of one, the Greybeards (two if you count the nords of Skaal in DB). The Greybeards are pacifist living in peace and thought awaiting the end... 

      Speaking of which Paarthurnax is one of the few true to his word... sure he turn coat on Alduin but was after Kyne's command or realization that cruel enslavement of lesser setient beings was somehow wrong. All the same we all know who and what Paarthurnax stands for... so does/did his old master Alduin.  The blades just wish him dead because that's what the Blades do - Kill Dragons.

      AND the most likely evil, untrustable soul in all of Skyrim? Well is easy to see... "Dovahkinn", often manipulating and allying to any or every faction mortal or god, beit Aedra or Deadra in a lust for power and abilities disguished as heroism the "Dovahkinn" will stop at nothing to suit their means.

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    • I was absolutely outraged when Delphine had asked the Dovahkin to kill Paarthurnax. So as a result I went back to Sky Haven Temple. I beat up both Delphine and Esbern. Then I stole basically everything I could and ran away to High Hrothgar. They abandoned their duties and the oath they took to protect the Dovahkin because I, as the Dragonborn refused to kill our kind and sympathetic Paarthurnax. He was the biggest aid to Alduins undoing, he had lived thousands of years in seclusion (as punishment) for what he had done when he had served Alduin, he helped the Dovahkin take down a brother, a fellow dov so that thousands of mortals could continue on with their dull lives, and frankly he is the sweetest dragon and soul I have come upon in this game. So while Delphine is trying to find a new lifes purpose thanks to her shunning of the dragonborn, I will continue on with the college of winterhold, the companions, the thieves guild, the dark brotherhood, the greybeards, and (especially) Paathurnax. May that hypocritical a**h*le Delphine die a lonely, dragon based death and never find sovngarde!!!

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    • During the "Alduin's Wall" quest for this once-respected order, i was fortunate enough to claim the immortal "Dragonbane" as my own. As soon as i completed that quest, i cautiously saved the game, knowing full well that the decisions made were final at this point. As soon as i had heard this unthinkable order given to me, i loaded back up to where i had originally was then left to present the sword to my wife as a gift to defend herself with. But then realized i loved her too much to have her in harm's way regardless of warrior blood running in her veins. We live happily in Solitude now and i figure taking the sword was basically saying "Screw you guys, i'm going home".

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    • Finally some people who share my opinion about blades.... honestly Paarthurnax is like the Yoda of skyrim, Why the hell would we want to kill him!??!?!?...... and what bothers me most is that the option to kill him takes prior over leaving him be. I agree with this guy, the blades is just a trash faction.

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    • shout you must, great power voice holds

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    • A FANDOM user
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