• So I was traveling on Solestiem when all of a sudden I'm attacked by a troll. I then see a deer charging towards it and attacking the troll. I killed the troll and after that the deer started following me even after I returned to Skyrim.

    It got killed by a pride of lions (the lions came from the Prides of Skyrim mod) later on and I went to loot its corpse and it was labeled "Stray Dog" and after I exited the looting menu it started spazzing out.

    Is anyone else experiencing this glitch?

    I have two pictures of the Stray Deer

    Edit: Images removed as uploading solely for the forum is not permitted. Please read the forum policy and use an external imagehost to upload images and link from there, thanks.

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    • OMG I HAVE THAT SAME GLITCHK IDK WHY THOUGH its amazing! I want to make mine essential. 

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