• This is a consensus for the implementation of a weekly series of blogs which talk about changes in the wiki, updates to TESO or any other game related to TES, as well as maybe a community poll, consensuses which haven't met a conclusion, and interesting new lore theories.

    The purpose of this is to create something which people can check out every week, and it may even get more users involved in the wiki, if they enjoy the blogs. This isn't something which should be taken entirely seriously, this is something more upbeat and leisurely to get people involved in the wiki, in a way where they don't need to read two thousand policies on how to write about Ulfric's voice.

    This is also a good way to make sure everyone on the wiki knows what's going on, so if a brand new lore theory is taking the TES world by storm, the blog will keep people up to date on what this new theory is. This will give the News Team something to do, and may spark interest in others who wish to join the News Team, so our community may grow.

    A couple examples of similar things on other wikis:,_2014

    Feel free to discuss certain aspects of how the blogs should be done, but remember folks, no flame wars.

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