• Just wondering if it's possible to travel to Solstheim, pick up and complete this quest without having the main quest yet? Also, is it possible to just wait for a few days in Raven Rock to get the courier message, or do I have to actually go out and do other quests/dungeons for days?

    Edit: Hope this is the right place to post, just made this account to ask these questions

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    • You don't need to complete the main quest to complete Unearthed.

      I usually do other things (quests, exploring etc.) while I wait so I'm not positive, but I don't see why you couldn't just wait in Raven Rock for the courier.

      Be warned this quest costs a lot of coin. (11,000 coin by the end of the quest.)

      Here is the quest page in case you need more help.  :)

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    • You just have to go to Solstheim.

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    • You need to be level one and have escaped helgen

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