• i was playing skyrim then i checked on my dog there in my house then i noticed he wasnt there i thoght oh hes probaly playing with the kids. then a weird thing happened i went to solitude to get some food to cook some soup for the kids then when i got there to my house they wernt there!!!! i couldnt think so i went for a walk around skyrim and im like omg but i didnt notice that i accidently walked into thaat pit then a bunch of falmer fights later...i came to a door then it only said talk so i did and this is where the horror begins......i herd a bark then some girl singing ring around the rosy and a boy and girl shout HELP!!! im like AHHHHHHH THOSE SOUND LIKE MY KIDS VOICES THAT ARE SAYING HELP!!!!! i went out of skyrim a funny thing happened when i went back into skyrim a apeared in grelods orphanage not in the middle of skyrim then i said i dont remember this then i saw my kids then im like THANK THAT IDIOT TALOS....then i herd it again ring around the rosy...SO I SAID WHAT THE HECK?????!! THEN WENT OUTTA SKYRIM. then when i went back in i felt a shiver up my spine i wasnt in grelods orphanage anymore....I WAS IN THE F*CKING DEATH ROOM...i read about it online..but i saw all the people i ever killed so then i saw my kids im like THANK THAT IDIOT TALOS.....then i thought wait..i didnt kill them..just them i herd ring around the rosy then...well i exited skyrim and im scared to play it. PLZZZ HELP!!

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