• when i talked to Noster he wanted me to go find his helmet. the location for his helmet was in a place that a mod provided. (fight against the thalmor- south dragon bridge) but the place was glitched. when i tried to enter the place, i would always crash. so i took out the mod and restarted skyrim. now the quest says "find noster's helmet in [...]" and when i follow the marker it brings me to some random point in the middle of solitude. so the whole quest is screwed. can someone tell me how to restart the quest so i can be able to talk to Noster again from the beginning?

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    • Given that you use mods, you can resolve it with console commands . I don't know of any way to reset the quest, but you can resolve it by adding the helmet to your inventory with player.additem 6FE72 1 and/or using setstage commands. 

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