• Could someone please put in something about The Stones of Barenziah? I don't know anything about them. Thanks in advance.

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    • There are plenty of articles here on this wiki with everything you could ever want to know. Just head on over to the search bar and type in "stones" and it'll be the first on on the list.

      If you want ot know about Barenziah himself you can read the books on him here on the wiki as well.Just type in "the real" and you'll get the books 1-5 of the that serise. 

      For the nest set of books type in "bio" and you'll get 1-3.

      Type in "Crown" and the second one on the list is the reward for finding all the stones.

      Hope this doesn't come off as me being a jerk or anything, trust me i'm not. Have a good one :3

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