• Ok hear me out on this. In the book 'The Real Barenziah' They show that Tiber Septim had an affair with Barenziah and a child was concieved, but Tiber Septim ordered her to abort it. But what if he actually didn't what if he ordered Barenziah to give the child up for adoption and the decendent of that child is the Nerevarine? Isn't it weird that you can meet an aspect of Talos in the Morrowind, yet you do not meet an aspect of Talos in any other game (As far as i know). I'd love to know what others think of this

    PS Please forgive any spelling and gramer mistakes.

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    • This is largely speculation with little to no actual evidence, showing the Child would be the Nerevarine. 

      It's also due to the fact that the events of Morrowind took place literally hundreds of years after Tiber Septim's conquest of Tamriel, so I do not think this is true. 

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    • I doubt it, simply because the Nerevarine can potentially be any race. Unless Bethesda wanted to establish a canon of who the Nerevarine actually was (race, sex, everything), I doubt it. What I chose to play as an Argonian? My kind can't breed with humans, and therefore the Nerevarine is not a descendant of Tiber Septim. And why in Oblivion would the Nerevarine have to be a descendant? How would that add to the story of the Nerevarine? 

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    • The original poster said 'descendant of the child' no 'the child; so in theory it is possibe, though more likely that Berenziah ignored Tiber Septim than him giving different instructions. It certainly would be in keeping with her personality to do her own thing,

      As to the Nerevarine being his and her descendant, that's entirely up to eachindividual to decide; possssion (of the game) is nine tenths of the lore!

      Pun definitely intended. :D

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    • Tiber's decendancy eventually leads to Karliah. Barenziah gave birth to a daughter, and this daughter gave birth to Karliah, the elf we meet in the Thieves Guild quest in Skyrim. At is all confirmed via this book.

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    • Unfortunately that has nothing to do with Tober Septim; as the story points out Karliah was the indirect result of Barenziah's affair with Drayven Indoril, not Tiber.

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    • Hey guys, i'm the one who originally posted this discussion.
      first off, thank you all for contributing your opinons.
      second, i do have to state that i have no real evidence for this, the only reason i brought it up is because the timelines kind of add up and i've never heard anyone mention this idea.  

      also, i have a few new ideas that are really just food for thought i'd like to bring up,

      first of which is that in the Book "The Real Barenziah" when Barenziah meets Tiber Septum she never mentions that his voice is messed up and his voice would be messed up since by this point Tiber had his throat slit meaning he could never shout again.

      Now that's not proof of anything it's just an inconsistency in the Story.

      Also Tiber was a Military genius so and he knew about the power of those with Dragonblood so it would stand to reason that he would see the value of a Bastard line in case his own line failed, like we saw in Oblivion.

      Once again this is all speculation and the only reason i believe that this could have happened is that there's no evidence to say that it didn't. Thanks again for contributing and i look forward to what else you guys will bring up.

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    • If memory serves you also meet avatars of Mara and Zenithar, but that does not mean that the Nerevarine has any connection to them. The Nerevarine is the incarnation of (or mantles, depending on which way you want to look at it) Indoril Nerevar: that is the source of his metaphysical significance. Whether he is vaguely related to Hjalti Early-Beard in the end makes as much of a difference as the fact that he can be any race from Orc to (ironically) Argonian: not much, if any at all.

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