• I hate those cliff racers i whish they never comeback in other games of the elder scrolls think about it you wonder around until you hear them and there's no way out of this. I broke the fourth wall by screaming outside of my house and said " WHO EVER MADE CLIFF RACERS IM GOING TO KILL THAT PERSON" and later rant about it to my friends to only later tell them they cant even deal with them i demand no more cliff racers the first i played morrowind i played for 15 hours to only be later killed by many of them and then i didn't even save the game. So people who ever wants this chaos of cliff racers to be concluded lets gather around and tell bethesda straight to eyes we say " bethesda we are sick of these cliff racers if you(bethesda) make them again i will be unable to continue games, people you with me then let's get cliff racers era to be concluded once and for all. Fin

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